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Arcade Action ThumbnailIt is the year 2010, the once great arcade empire has fallen. No longer could players enjoy the nostalgic rush of classic arcade action. Lunch-breaks at work went on uneventful and after school time was left to mundane chores. But as if sent from the heavens above, a new app has appeared. A compilation of classic clones was created, to fit in the palms of your hands. No longer will you have to endure the innards of a dark sanctum, in order to enjoy the adrenaline pumping action of historic gaming. Now Arcade Action can go where you go.


  • RUNS ON OLDER HARDWARE (like the iPod Touch 8GB)
  • HIGH RES GRAPHICS (For iPhone 4 retina display)

Title Screen  –
Numbered balls bounce around the screen. Touch the number of the game you want to play. That numbered ball will move to the center of the screen and the high score for that game will be displayed. If you want to play that game, press that numbered ball again. If not, you can select a different numbered ball.  GAME #5 IS LOCKED, CAN YOU UNLOCK IT?!

Game #1 – Harness the power of a small star and use it to burn away the space debris. The space paddle will follow your touch. Don’t let the fiery orb fall past your paddle. Collect sparking orbs for score bonuses.

Game #2 – While traveling through space, an asteroid field jeopardizes your mission. As leader of the convoy you must destroy any asteroids in your path. If you miss, or if you are hit yourself, the mission is over. Touch the screen to shoot and to move. The spacecraft travels in a circular path. Shoot the targets before they leave your view.

Game #3 Your city is under attack. Fiery balls from the sky threaten the sanctity of your city. Can you stop them with your launcher? Touch the upper part of the screen to fire your weapon. A direct hit is not needs, as the blast wave should stop any projectiles in the area.

Game #4 – You are in a testing facility, for a new type of tank. Destroy the target and collect bonus points. Touch the screen to move. Hold the touch to fire. With practice and skill, you can move and shoot at the same time.

Game #5 – This is locked! Are your skills good enough to unlock it?

Visit the iTunes Store to get your copy of Arcade Action!

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