Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4 Slim vs iPad Air 2

Video Game ControllerNintendo has some hubris. The Nintendo Switch is slated to be available on March 3, 2017 – for $299. That puts it against the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Slim. Worse, these two competing consoles can be found for significantly less money than $299. Direct from, it’s about $20-$30 cheaper. That’s with a bundled game. The problem is even bigger than that. Why buy a toy when you can get an iPad? The iPad Air 2 was recently on sale for $275. Games are fun, but sometimes you need to be productive. With so many choices, how does the Nintendo Switch fair against the competition?

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Was Glenn Beck Right About Watch Dogs?

Emoji - Watch DogsAfter writing about why today’s video games suck, I was wondering if I was turning into a grumpy old man. There was rumbling around the net that Glenn Beck was bashing on Watch Dogs, how it was teaching kids to be hackers. Where are the heroes? Where’s Superman? Honestly, I had a similar feeling. I haven’t played any of the Grand Theft Auto series because I don’t want to play as a criminal. Why can’t a decent open world game be centered around a champion? Even better, why not make it truly open? Play as the character you want to be.

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Xbox One Does a 180

Xbox One Controller (Thumbnail)I was gearing myself up to write an epic rant. I’m astonished at how stupid Microsoft has been. My Xbox Live account is “forever stuck in a corrupted state“, Windows 8 didn’t launch with the Start Button and the new Xbox One was about to be a stillbirth. Obviously realizing that Sony was about to eat their lunch, Microsoft finally woke up. Apparently, the next generation Xbox will not require a daily Internet connection to play offline games and limitations on selling used games have been removed.

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Guild Wars 2 Commando – Unfortunate Fiction

Guild Wars 2 - Commando - Thumbnail ImageGuild Wars 2 is one of the most beautiful video games that I’ve ever seen. Yet, I have zero desire to play it… none… zip… zilch! I’m so far away from Guild Wars right now that my main computer is a Mac. And yet, I saw something from ArenaNet that actually excited me — the Guild Wars 2 “Commando” profession. Now obviously, it’s an April Fool’s Joke. When the calendar hit 4/1/2011, I knew to limit my Internet activity. There’s just too much miss information out there. But 21 days later, I discovered ArenaNet’s little jest. The sad thing is that the joke is on ArenaNet. This is what their game should have been.

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Why Dan Is Wrong About Game Center

Game Center Thumbnail - Why Dan Is Wrong About Game CenterYou know, I don’t really have time for this. I’m supposed to be busy building BOT. Yet, I read something that really annoyed me. It was an article by Dan Frommer. He’s a Senior Staff writer for The Business Insider. He mainly writes articles about Apple. I like the site and I generally like reading his articles. But yesterday, he had an article published on CNN that I felt was a bit unprofessional. It was entitled – Apple’s Three Biggest Weaknesses. I’m not a blind fanboy. Critiques are important for growth, but the words about Game Center didn’t seem to be in accordance with journalistic standards.

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