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Nicholas the Traveler – Week 31 – Plague Idols

week-31-traveler-thumbnailHave you ever seen the movie “Lord of War with Nicolas Cage? Basically, it’s about an arms dealer who gets incredibly rich by selling / smuggling weapons to warlords all over the world. Does this sound familiar? If you complete this week’s Traveler run, you might see some striking similarities. I’m just going to admit it… I suspect that Nicholas the Traveler is a Guild Wars arms dealer. For Week 31, I found him standing with my enemies. Nicholas boldly admitted that he was trading with the Jade Brotherhood. Yet, I didn’t kill the traveler. The game won’t let me. But even if I could, I probably wouldn’t. He supplies me with the items I need to wage war too.

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Nicholas the Traveler – Week 30 – Guardian Moss

week-30-traveler-thumbnailOh no… it’s Swine Flu in Guild Wars… or is it Yak Flu? Professor Yakkington, the pet belonging to Nicholas the Traveler, has come down with some sort of condition. Is this a precursor to a Tyrian plague? I don’t know, it could just be some random text thrown into the box. After 30 weeks of trying to find Nicholas, maybe the developers have run out of good storylines. No, I don’t think so. Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if something deeper is going on here… something that transcends the game itself. What are you up to ArenaNet?!

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Guild Wars 2… sometime in 2011 (probably)

shields-up-thumbnail-with-bubbleAs expected, Guild Wars 2 is not going to be released anytime soon. NCsoft released their third quarter (2009) report. While ArenaNet might be secretive about their project, their parent company has shareholders to answer to. Historically, the Earning Releases from NCsoft have revealed many secrets. But with this report, I had to dig a little deeper. The pretty PDF didn’t contain the information I was looking for. Instead, I had to listen to a recording of the English Conference Call. At the 21:00 minute mark, the fate of Guild Wars was revealed. It’s not going to be released this year… not even next year… but “probably sometime year 2011.”

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Nicholas the Traveler – Week 29 – Tempered Glass Vials

week-29-traveler-thumbnailSome deep thinking filled my head this morning. I was staring at an empty glass jar of Petite Dill Pickles. The delicious contents were consumed. Only the container remained. In the modern era, it is nothing more than trash. Yet, I thought about earlier times. A glass bottle like this might be more valuable to pre-industrial civilizations. I couldn’t understand my fascination. Why did I care about this today? I’m thinking that I must have some psychic link with ArenaNet. Nicholas wanted Tempered Glass Vials for this week’s Guild Wars scavenger hunt.

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Nicholas the Traveler – Week 28 – Forgotten Trinket Boxes

the-traveler-thumbnailEvery week, ArenaNet updates Guild Wars with a new adventure. Players are invited to find Nicholas the Traveler and embark on his scavenger hunt. For the week of October 26, the mission is to find 5 Forgotten Trinket Boxes and bring them to Nicholas, in Minister Cho’s Estate. Normally, I ignored these quests. But with the Halloween festivities increasing my interest in playing Guild Wars, I decided to give it another try. Besides, the rewards are great for title farming.

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