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Nicholas The Traveler – Decayed Orr Emblems

This week’s scavenger hunt was a refreshing change. It was easy! It was a battle against the undead in the lands of Kryta. That’s a low-level area, with monster levels in the teens. These dark creatures are highly vulnerable to fire. It’s also an occassion where a smite Monk can truly shine, with their damage bonus against the undead! The action starts at Bergen Hot Springs, traveling through Nebo Terrace, to the Cursed Lands. Just wipe out some undead hordes, collect 15 Decayed Orr Emblems, and then see Nicholas The Traveler for your prize.

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Guild Wars – Dead Ends

Guild Wars is a great game. You’d probably expect me to say something like that, considering that I run a Guild Wars fansite. I’ve been playing the game for years. But every once in a while, ArenaNet does something to annoy me. Usually it’s with their storyline. It started with Rurik and it seems to be getting worse. Eventually, the lore travels down roads that are so twisted, I can no longer follow them. I like to beat video games, to complete them entirely, but I have not been able to finish Guild Wars Chapters 3 & 4. There are parts of the game that I consider to be dead ends.

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TANK – The Legendary Survivor (Again)

It took longer than expected, but my Ranger is now a Legendary Survivor. There were many failed attempts. Regaining the survivor title was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why I started one attempt on 1/1/2010.  I failed. I started again on 1/11/2010. I failed again. But on 1/14/2010, I started a successful run. By 1/16/2010, TANK had 1,337,500 experience points and one maxed out title. It wasn’t about the journey. It was about the destination – 100% pure grinding. The focus was on speed. Once at Gunnar’s Hold, I jumped from level 11 to 15 in mere minutes. I had been there before, but this time I was extra careful to prevent link deaths or knockouts.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Roaring Ether Hearts

week-38-traveler-thumbnailWeek 38 of Nicholas The Traveler’s scavenger hunt was a bit nostalgic for me. I remember fighting elemental monsters in the Mirror of Lyss. Back in the day, I was farming points for the Lightbringer Title. For each slain Djinn or Roaring Ether equaled, I was two points closer to my title. That’s why I was pleased with this week’s item – Roaring Ether Hearts.  A lot of people seem suspicious when I tell them that I’ve been playing Guild Wars for almost six years. (I started in February 2004.) But it’s true, just go back into the archives of this website. The years just seem to fly by. If you go back to May of 2007, you’ll see some familiar territory.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Gold Doubloons

week-37-traveler-thumbnailWeek 37 of Nicholas The Traveler’s scavenger hunt brought me to Nightfall territory. It’s amazing how many forgotten corners there are in Tyria. If not for Nicholas, I might never have seen them. Oh sure… it’s the usual click… click… click… kill, just like anywhere else in the game; but there’s something about these weekly adventures that brings Guild Wars to a new level. There’s lore, there’s loot and there’s opportunity. I’m seeing new places and making new friends… in a game that I’ve been playing for almost six years. Anyway, I’m not here to get nostalgic. This article is about how to complete this week’s objective – Gold Doubloons in the Barbarous Shore.

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