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Google and the Mystery of the Penny

one-penny-thumbnailSo OK, I’ve been doing the mobile development thing for about a year now and I’m finally starting to see some money being generated by my apps. Throughout 2009, the coins would add up. Five cents here, 10 cents there… whoa… $2.09 from a book sale… the cash would accumulate in my account. I was holding off on redeeming my earnings because Google Checkout wanted my bank account number. Suddenly, it was no longer a fun game with arcade like scoring. No, once I cashed out the money, there would be real world consequences… like income tax forms and trips to the mall. Hey, wait a minute, I like buying stuff… so Google, where’s my money? Before I could get paid, there was the little matter of account verification.

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Guild Wars – Red Alert – Hack Attack!

endure-painWhen you launch the Guild Wars application, you can see important messages from ArenaNet. Typically, the weekend event is the main highlight. The message box can also includes a warning about proper game etiquette. The message is usually something minor, but today it was not. There appears to have been a major breach of security. An ominous warning, highlighted in red, informed me that I should change my password today. Upon further investigation, it seems that a fansite might have been compromised. I had a feeling that this would happen someday. By cracking the weaker security of a fansite, hackers could harvest user names and passwords from Guild Wars players. Since many players do not use unique passwords, their Guild Wars account is vulnerable.

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Guild Wars 2 Interview at

guildwars-2-sylvari-thumbnailWith every bit of new information released by ArenaNet, some questions are answered – but even more arise. The latest video trailer about Guild Wars 2 might have you wondering about the future of Guild Wars. Fortunately, there’s a follow-up interview to better explain the differences between the sequel and the original. An interview at briefly discusses combat, races, instancing, story telling, game design, armor and more! If you look carefully, a better picture of the future is painted. Here’s an excerpt, “The biggest differences include a fully persistent world, fully 3D engine, a less complex combat system with fewer overall skills, multiple playable races, and separate world servers.”


10 Ways To Make Guild Wars Better

essence-bond-thumbnailThere’s something different about this website. While it is a Guild Wars fansite, it’s not about a community of rabid fanboys. Through the dialogue that occurs here, and behind the scenes, we acknowledge that Guild Wars is a great game… but it can always be better.  It’s one of the many reasons why ArenaNet encourages fansites. Through respectful conversation, the game can be improved. That’s why I’ve comprised this list of issues that I see with the game. Historically, ArenaNet has listened to the community and improved their game. With Guild Wars 2 on the way, and years of gameplay still left in the original, discussion like this can forge a better future for the franchise.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Shiverpeak Manes

week-34-traveler-thumbnailWeek 34 of Nicholas The Traveler’s scavenger hunt is a bit more light-hearted. For one, it’s in a much easier zone. It’s in Deldrimor Bowl – a zone of medium difficulty. It’s an easy trip from Beacon’s Perch. The Shiverpeak Horsemen, which drop the Shiverpeak Manes, are not much of a threat to a level 20 fighter… or even a level 20 pajama wearing magic caster. But there’s something else that’s more jovial about the latest mission from Nicholas, it’s the story. It’s somewhat amusing.

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