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The Hydroponics Experiment (Part 2 – The Setup)

Viagrow ViaStone Grow RocksLess than two weeks into my hydroponics project, I can easily surmise the life of a farmer. It’s hard work. Now that all of the supplies are here, I can start growing lettuce. This is shaping up to become one expensive salad. I just don’t get how lettuce is so cheap. With all of the details involved in this project, I’m surprised that a head of lettuce isn’t $10. The next time I walk into a grocery store, I feel like I’m going to have a much different perspective.

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The Hydroponics Experiment (Part 1)

General Hydroponics - MaxiGroCity life is starting to get me down. It’s crowded, dirty and expensive to live in NYC. Perhaps I’ve been spending too much time in front of the computer. That’s why I decided to try a little gardening as a hobby. Although, digging in dirt or battling with bugs doesn’t seem very entertaining to me. That’s why I was impressed with the idea of Hydroponics – no soil is needed. I decided to conduct a little experiment. Is the life of a farmer for me?

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Apple’s iBooks Store – Worth The Effort

Stylized iBooks iconsA posting from October of 2014 (iBooks Author – Try Again?) showed that I was struggling with Apple’s iBooks Store. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. My book sales were underwhelming. Should I just give up or should I keep trying? Ultimately, I decided that I would keep trying. I looked at my past mistakes, which were listed in the article, and then I tried to learn from it. The end result was success. For a few days in December of 2015, A Book About Hype was the #1 “Computer & Internet” book on iTunes.

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Upgrading My Early 2009 Mac Mini (Again)

Activity Monitor and System Preferences IconsWhile I’m happy with the new iPad Air 2, and it has seriously cut down my desktop usage, I still need a traditional computer to get work done. The problem was that my Mac was running slow. It’s over five years old. I thought about getting a new Mac, but the new models didn’t impressed me. They’re either too expensive for my budget or not a significant improvement over the earlier Macs. To save money, but boost performance, I decided to upgrade my Mac Mini.

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iBooks Author – Try Again?

Ibook Author and iBooks iconsLately, Apple has been acting like an anorexic supermodel. It’s not enough for the new iPhone to be thin, it has to be super thin. It’s so thin that the camera sticks out like a bone against the skin. It’s the same trend with their Macs – thin, thin, thin. I began to have a technological-existential crisis. Are Apple products and services really right for me? Am I hindering my potential by staying within Apple’s ecosystem? I decided to approach this issue scientifically.

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