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Five Tech Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Super Storm Sandy IconWhen I first learned of Hurricane Sandy, I thought that the storm would simply drift out to sea. What kind of storm hooks left? But as the days progressed, it was clear that the storm would be quite severe. Even then, I didn’t worry too much. I filled the car with gas, stocked up on some food and I watched the news. It was more like entertainment than an emergency — but then things started getting real.

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Is My XBOX Live GamerTag Lost Forever?

Photics - XBOX Live GamerTag - ThumbnailNow that the winter months have approached, I’m realizing that I’m not exercising as much. I need to play to stay healthy. But in late December, it’s so cold outside… and the dark nights are longer. I think a good video game is the answer to this problem. Yet, my Wii and PlayStation 3 are just collecting dust. What about the XBOX 360? Well, I don’t have one. Here’s the main reason why. I can’t log into my Windows Live / XBOX Live account.

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Branch Designer Review

Branch Designer IconAs a developer, I like nice reviews of my apps. Apparently, I’m not the only one. After my review of Icon Maker, I received a complimentary promo code for Branch Designer — a vector-based tree illustration program. While researching Icon Maker, I learned about the other Mac app from Tricycle Design HB ( I was surprised to see that Branch Designer was actually twice the price of Icon Maker, as I have more of a need to make icons than trees, but that didn’t matter now. I had a free copy of Branch Designer to test out.

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Icon Maker Review

Icon Maker logoAs a Mac / iOS developer, I have a lousy time trying to make good icons. This is incredibly important, as that’s what helps to sell apps. If a customer sees a poor icon, they might lose interest in the software. That’s why I decided to buy a copy of Icon Maker. My objective was to acquire software that would allow me to quickly and easily improve the quality of my app icons. And in theory — better icons would improve my sales. I haven’t actually done that yet with Icon Maker, but I think this software could eventually be helpful.

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BOT (for iPad) Promo Code Giveaway!

BOT (for iPad) launched today and it’s already off to a great start. When I checked earlier this morning, BOT was ranked #58 in Role-Playing — just ahead of Braveheart HD. Considering that I enjoyed iPhone version of Braveheart, I’m pleased with how the launch is going so far. Apple even got the “Release Date” listing right. But this is not enough! No, BOT needs more promotion! So, I’m giving away promo codes today! :)

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