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Wii Virtual Console: Year's End – 190 games for $1,300

It’s not uncommon to find gamers striving for perfection, to hit the maximum score, to beat the hardest level or to defeat all foes. That’s when I started wondering about the Wii Virtual Console. What if there was a gamer striving for shopping perfection? What if someone wanted to buy all the Wii Virtual Console games. How much would it cost?

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Guild Wars Screenshot Guide – Take Better Pictures

It’s time to put my degree in Photojournalism to good use. I will teach you how to become a master Guild Wars photographer. Just as there is more to photography than clicking a button, there’s more to screenshots than hitting the “Print Screen” key. I will enlighten you. With your new found skills, you will be able to impress your friends. Maybe you’ll make a fansite, maybe you’ll make a Guild Wars web game, or maybe you’ll decorate your desktop with your custom-made wallpapers. Knowledge is power my friends. Use it wisely.

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How To Access The New Maps – Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack Now Available

The Bonus Mission Pack is now available. If you dropped $29 or more in the Guild Wars Online store, during the qualifying period, you should now have access to the special story tomes. Speak with Durmand [Historian] in any of the major Guild Wars cities – Lion’s Arch, Kaineng Center or Kamadan. With these special story books, you can relive important times of Guild Wars lore.

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