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Should I buy Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa?

Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa is now available. It’s a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game – WITH GUNS! Yes, it’s time for another Sci-Fi MMORPG. After the quick demise of Earth & Beyond, I’ve been wary to dabble in the genre yet again. I looked at PlanetSide and Star Wars Galaxies. I was close to buying them, but something stopped me at the last moment. I’m getting that feeling again.

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Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack – Friendly Petition

The initial attraction to Guild Wars was simple – it was an MMORPG that did not require a credit card. The other thing I admired about Guild Wars was a genuine respect that ArenaNet had towards players. The fansite program showed that. Recently, things have started a change. This post is a call to action, so that ArenaNet can return to their glory days. The Bonus Mission Pack should be accessible to all Guild Wars Players, even those without credit cards!

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Lost In Ascalon #46 – Reputation

One of the things that I like about video games is being able to play the hero. In real life, I don’t get a chance to slay a dragon and to save the beautiful princess. In real life, things are rarely that simple. (Although, I imagine that killing a dragon in a modern city would be rather complicated.) Anyway, the point is that ArenaNet takes a somewhat opposite approach with Guild Wars lore. Episode #46 of Lost In Ascalon illustrates the situation.

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Lost In Ascalon #45 – Doomed Decisions

Maybe you noticed. A lot of time has passed since the last episode of Lost In Ascalon. You also may have noticed that my Guild Wars: Nightfall Video Guides stop at part #15. That’s because I’ve been having issues with the storyline. There are two points in the Guild Wars lore where I’m really confused. Why would I want to group with Pyre Fierceshot? Even stranger, why would stopping Nightfall ultimately lead to another catastrophe? Lost In Ascalon #45 illustrates the situation.

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Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack – Interview With Colin Johanson

At the Official Guild Wars website, ArenaNet has posted an interview with Colin Johanson, Design Lead for the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack. If you’re interested in finding out more November’s new content, the interview is an excellent read. It’s Colin’s job to make the update sound exciting, but I was really impressed by the four new missions.

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