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Brain Explosion… Brain Sneeze… Brain Reset… What Is It?

Brain Explosion ThumbnailHas this ever happened to you? You’re tired. You go lay down to rest. While your body isn’t moving, your brain is racing. You’re thinking about many things at once. Your thoughts are moving at incredible speeds. You’re not quite asleep, but you’re not fully awake either. Your mind is focused on the busyness in your head. The ideas, the thoughts, the thinking, it just keeps moving faster and faster… until… boom!

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PayPal vs FastSpring – Which Is Better For Me?

PayPal vs FastSpring Chart ThumbnailA lot more digital content is on the way from Photics. With the return of Revisions (possibly a sequel too), a Stencyl book and maybe a book on Drupal 8, I started wondering about e-commerce. Am I managing my products in the best way possible? How should my books be sold? Currently, the Unofficial GameSalad Textbook is sold through FastSpring. Is that what’s best for me? What if I managed my own online store? PayPal has been around for years. Why not use that instead? Technology aside, which is cheaper? I decided to run the numbers.

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Back From Poland

Thumbnail image of Poland map, cropped to highlight Gdańsk. Image Source - CIA World FactbookI recently returned from a trip to Poland. It was a tough but enlightening journey. Throughout the years of running this website, I met lots of people throughout the world — but only virtually. For the most part, I stayed in the NYC area. I figured that all of the best stuff in the world is already here. Why bother traveling, especially considering that I hate traveling by airplane? But surprisingly, I found myself on the way to Gdańsk. In doing so, I learned some new things.

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Five Tech Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Super Storm Sandy IconWhen I first learned of Hurricane Sandy, I thought that the storm would simply drift out to sea. What kind of storm hooks left? But as the days progressed, it was clear that the storm would be quite severe. Even then, I didn’t worry too much. I filled the car with gas, stocked up on some food and I watched the news. It was more like entertainment than an emergency — but then things started getting real.

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Is My XBOX Live GamerTag Lost Forever?

Photics - XBOX Live GamerTag - ThumbnailNow that the winter months have approached, I’m realizing that I’m not exercising as much. I need to play to stay healthy. But in late December, it’s so cold outside… and the dark nights are longer. I think a good video game is the answer to this problem. Yet, my Wii and PlayStation 3 are just collecting dust. What about the XBOX 360? Well, I don’t have one. Here’s the main reason why. I can’t log into my Windows Live / XBOX Live account.

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