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Icon Maker Review

Icon Maker logoAs a Mac / iOS developer, I have a lousy time trying to make good icons. This is incredibly important, as that’s what helps to sell apps. If a customer sees a poor icon, they might lose interest in the software. That’s why I decided to buy a copy of Icon Maker. My objective was to acquire software that would allow me to quickly and easily improve the quality of my app icons. And in theory — better icons would improve my sales. I haven’t actually done that yet with Icon Maker, but I think this software could eventually be helpful.

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BOT (for iPad) Promo Code Giveaway!

BOT (for iPad) launched today and it’s already off to a great start. When I checked earlier this morning, BOT was ranked #58 in Role-Playing — just ahead of Braveheart HD. Considering that I enjoyed iPhone version of Braveheart, I’m pleased with how the launch is going so far. Apple even got the “Release Date” listing right. But this is not enough! No, BOT needs more promotion! So, I’m giving away promo codes today! :)

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How to Respond to a Bad Review?

Angry ThumbnailIt can be tough being a developer. You can work for months on a project and then nothing happens. Your app can be buried by thousands of other apps. Which is worse — to be ignored or to have mean things said about your app? While it might feel better to be left alone, rather than being abused by harsh words, a bad review can actually work for you. I was recently reminded of that fact when reviewed The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook. It felt like a pretty brutal review, but it could actually be good publicity for my app.

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A Strange Transaction – The Best Buy to iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards are peculiar gifts. Instead of simply giving money, people buy these decorative symbols of store credit. It does seem like a nicer present than cash, as some thought is involved. The gift-giver may not know exactly what to buy, and it is certainly undesirable to purchase the wrong gift, so it’s at least narrowed down to the right store. But what if they guessed wrong? What if you wanted to go shopping in another store? I got a Best Buy card and I was able to convert it.

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Daylight Savings Time Glitch Hits iPhone Alarm

I like Daylight Savings Time, as it’s the closest I can get to traveling back in time. Last Sunday night, if I made a mistake at 1:30 AM, I could pretend to time travel. At 2:00 AM, the clock moves back to 1:00 AM, allowing me to correct my mistake. Although, since I’m usually sleeping during this time, I don’t get to enjoy pseudo sci-fi adventures. This year, there is one very real DST mistake that Apple needs to correct. Monday morning dreamers, expecting to be awoken by their iPhone Alarm, might be in for a surprise.

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