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Lost In Ascalon #30 – Dragon Festival

Happy Fourth of July. I remember growing up in Brooklyn, where a day like today would have been a day filled with explosions. Ahhh… the smell of burnt gun powder. Yet, thanks to Guild Wars, you can enjoy the holiday without the risk of blowing off your appendages. The Dragon Festival has hit its climax. Today is the day to turn in your Jade Wind Orbs and claim your Dragon Mask. Be warned, that’s not the end of the festivities. In a special two-page edition of Lost In Ascalon, find out what happens AFTER you get your mask.

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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #31

Issue #31 is a day late, but I put a little extra thought into this one. I’m a little concerned about some trouble on the horizon. While the Guild Wars community is busy with the Dragon Festival, most players are oblivious to a hidden evil. What is this evil and what is the cause for concern? The July 2006 issue explains. Also included in this issue – a picture of a surprise gift. ArenaNet sent a unusual item to many different Guild Wars fansites. What was that item? Find out inside!

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Lost In Ascalon #29 – Action and Armor

The Lost In Ascalon series is now up-to-date, as all of the main characters have reached Cantha. We’re now in Chapter 2 territory. Yet, what happens next? Should Photics and friends turn back? Should they turn back to search for Gwen? Do the people of Cantha take precedence? No, our hero decides on a third option – purchasing NEW ARMOR! A $40-$50 expansion, and a boat ride from Lion’s Arch, opens access to some defensive upgrades. Sure… the lands of Guild Wars are in chaos, but you’re not going to solve that problem by donning lousy gear.

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Lost In Ascalon #28 – A Woman Scorned

Thanks to some teleportation magic, Cynn and Mhenlo were granted a quiet moment for themselves. Yet, what was the outcome of their private rendezvous? In the 28th episode of Lost In Ascalon, Devona and Photics receive some insight to the Cynn / Mhenlo romance. The official lore suggests that Cynn has feelings for Mhenlo. Yet, does Mhenlo return those feelings? Unfortunately, I have not seen it happen. Go figure, you’d think that Cynn could have any guy she wants.

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Lost In Ascalon #27 – Fevered Imagination

Devona, the hammer wielding heroine, has grown weary of waiting for Cynn and Mhenlo. Devona has fallen asleep. It always amazes me how she can sleep while standing up. What could be taking so long? Just what are Cynn and Mhenlo doing in the Ember Light Camp? The mind of a certain mage begins to wander. Just what would happen if Cynn and Mhenlo were together for too long? Could it have dire consequences? Lost In Ascalon #27 takes a humorous look at a Cynn-Mhenlo romance.

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