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Lost In Ascalon #35 – Partial Recall

There must be obvious side effects with consuming tremendous amounts of Dwarven Ale – and then dying. Tank is afflicted with Resurrection Sickness. This is not the usual 15% death penalty. Tank is experiencing something more intense. While Tank’s body might have been resurrected, his mind didn’t make it all the way back. In a special three-page edition, Episode #35 of Lost In Ascalon illustrates the situation. See if you can keep up with the mistaken Guild Wars references. Meanwhile, Photics is still searching for Gwen. In such a delicate world, can our hero afford the time necessary to verify Tank’s claim?

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Lost In Ascalon #34 – Favor of the Elementalist

Good RPGs often have a similar storyline twist. Early on in the game, you’ll meet a likeable – and female – character. Then, something tragic happens. Your lady friend will die. Final Fantasy VII, Phantasy Star 2 and Guild Wars: Prophecies, they share that common storyline – or do they? I’m still not convinced that Gwen is dead.

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Photics – Guild Wars Edition – Issue #32

After a brief hiatus, the Photics electronic magazine returns. With the release of Guild Wars: Nightfall, Issue #32 could only be one thing – THE ULTIMATE GUILD WARS: NIGHTFALL REVIEW! Nightfall is critiqued and contents of the collector’s edition is exposed. What is a Varesh Mini Pet? What’s in the Black Bag? Is the third chapter of Guild Wars good or is it bad? Find out in the Fall 2006 issue of Photics – The Guild Wars Edition.

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Lost In Ascalon #33 – Victory’s End

You’ve waited a long time for a new episode of Lost In Ascalon. That’s why this one is double the normal size – a whole two pages! Oooooohhh! Tank is bummed out after losing Cavalon. He starts getting philosophical about victory. How do you gauge winning in a game without end? ‘What calls us is victory’, that’s the famous Guild Wars battle cry. Yet, how do you know when you’ve achieved victory? The latest episode of Lost In Ascalon illustrates the struggle of “winning” in MMORPGs.

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Lost In Ascalon #32 – White Armor

Guild Wars: Factions has been out for almost three months, but I have not completed all of the PvE missions. Time is running out. ArenaNet sounded their half-time warning. In roughly three months from now, it will be time for another Guild Wars expansion. It will be time for Guild Wars: Nightfall. With a new expansion, there will be new professions and there will be new armor sets. The Paragon profession has been spotted in White Armor. Will other professions be able to enjoy such a pristine look? Photics ponders the situation.

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