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Guild Wars: Nightfall Bonus Mission Guide #12 – Dasha Vestibule

Part 12 of the Nightfall video series is a detailed tutorial for the Dasha Vestibule bonus mission. Photics teams up with Goren and Margrid, to battle with deadly Elementalists. Narrated by Michael Garofalo, this guide has tips and tricks to successfully complete this mission.

Video Guide Transcript

Welcome to the Guild Wars Video Guide. I’m Mike Garofalo and this part 12 of the Nightfall Bonus Missions tutorial. This map is the alternate route for those who picked Margrid. Once you have completed the second Masters of Whispers mission, you can go back and unlock Margrid’s second mission.

That’s easier said than done. Just look at this place. It’s surrounded by rock. Even if you bust out your collector’s edition map, you still might be lost. So how do you get here? There’s a secret passage to this map. It starts in the Mirror of Lyss. Just wander over toward the middle of the map and doorway will be revealed. Pretty cool huh? Oh, and don’t worry about any giant boulders crushing your head.

You’ll need Margrid to start the mission. If you don’t have Margrid on your team, just team up with someone who does. Even if they drop out, you should still be able to beat this mission. It’s a lot easier than the other map, but you’ll want to bring lots of healing just in case. Resistance to fire is also a good idea. You’ll be fighting Elementalists on this mission, so you might need to change your build to compensate.

The bonus mission is almost the same as the regular mission. You’ll have to unlock three treasure chests. In order to do that, you must survive three challenges. In the first room, you’ll have to kill the monsters that are weakening you. If you’re not prepared, that’s going to be tough. Healing is very help here, as it’s tough to fight psycho pyros while your health is being drained. That’s why I recommend going up the left side of steps first. Some players might tell you that the right set is safer, but I think it’s more important to stop that loss of health. Just go slowly up the stairs. Once you knock out the life draining enemies, the rest should be cake. When the place is cleared out, pick up the key. You’ll need it for the bonus.

The next challenge is a series of questions. If you’re familiar with the lore, you should be able to figure them out. If you’re not, just hit the F10 key. That will bring up a help window, which links straight to the official Guild Wars Wiki. All of the answers should be right there. At one point Goren asks how does Margrid knows so much about this place. I think she reads the Wiki.

While you’re moving around, watch out for the fire traps. While they may look cool, they’re real deadly. If you’re not careful with moving your heroes, they’ll walk right into the flame. Be especially careful with Goren. If he dies, the mission is over.

The last challenge is simple, just pick up the two crystals and put them on the middle two columns. Oh sure, I can explain the reasoning involved, but who cares? This is a bonus guide, not a math class. Once you clear out all the rooms, you should have all the keys. Use those keys to get the treasure. See, the bonus is nice and easy.

Once you have the three treasures, you’ll have to fight some bosses. If you’re not careful, you’ll get crushed. This is especially true if you’re suffering from death penalties. But don’t worry, here’s a trick that you’ll love… especially if you’re going solo. Henchmen and heroes have a tendency to bunch up. That’s a bad thing if you’re fighting Elementalists. The trick to spread your team apart. Use the flags, then carefully lead a boss to your ambush. If you can attack one boss at a time, it’s a real easy fight. Just use interrupts and lots healing. Meteor Strike works great. Heh… Exhaustion? What’s that?! You can take your time with this map, so there’s no need to worry about exhaustion. Wipe out the bosses one-by-one and the bonus is done.

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