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Guild Wars: Nightfall Bonus Mission Guide #13 – Grand Court of Sebelkeh

Part 13 of the Nightfall video series is a detailed tutorial for the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Photics teams up with Tahlkora to purge some demons from a sacred place. Narrated by Michael Garofalo, learn how to master this short but challenging mission.

Video Guide Transcript

arrahhh… aaahhhh… *cough* …Heh… I’m just kidding. I’m not dying. Welcome to the Guild Wars Video Guide. I’m Mike Garofalo and this is part 13 of the Nightfall Bonus missions tutorial. Hopefully you’re not superstitious, because this map is actually pretty cool. You’re going to fight a battle in the sky. Above the Mirror of Lyss is a floating structure. But how do you get there? You can’t fly and jumping is not going to help. Hmmmm…

Actually, getting into this map is pretty simple. When your quests are up-to-date, just talk to the head priest. He starts the mission. But even if you try scaring him, he won’t let you pass without Tahlkora.

Ah, I said it… Tahl-kora… alright. :)

The bonus starts as soon as you enter the mission, so don’t waste any time. That’s the bonus. You’ll have to beat this mission in under six minutes. It sounds easy, but I wasted three hours trying to do just. My final time was 5:49 seconds. There is no room for mistakes. Just so you don’t have to go through the same trouble, I’m going to let you know what I learned.

The first thing is MOVE. Be ready to kill from the second the map starts. Don’t even look at the loot. Just run up to the middle and start fighting. You’ll have to shut down three portals and you’ll want to do that as quickly as possible. Shutting down the portals is a two step process. First you have to kill the Claw, then you have to move your characters in the area of the portal.

The Artificial intelligence is pretty aggressive on this map. There’s even a special foe to contend with – The Blasphemy. He will try to sneak past you, recapturing shrines, causing trouble. Don’t let him do that! Oh… and even if you kill him, he’s just going to respawn. Except, he leaves a gift – three little balls of death. These evil orbs will torment you and they can capture shrines too. Most importantly, don’t lose the middle shrine. If you lose the middle shrine, the mission is a failure.

For the longest time, I just couldn’t figure out how to speed things up. I was trying all sorts of different skills, but it just wasn’t enough. I was missing something… something to push this map over the edge. It was the Lightbringer skills! If you’ve been wasting time with titles, this is your reward! Those skills are put to good use on this map.

Necros will have a lot of fun on this map too, as there’s rarely a shortage of corpses. I also recommend using Resurrection Signets. It’s very easy to die on this map. If you’re going for the bonus, you won’t have a lot of time to recover. Resurrection Signets are the best way to get back into the game quickly. That’s all there is to it. Just fight like crazy to meet the six-minute deadline.

4 Responses to Guild Wars: Nightfall Bonus Mission Guide #13 – Grand Court of Sebelkeh

  • Thanx for this guide
    You own Mike!

  • pretty good guide video. just one thing. when you first load into the map. DON’T just charge into the center. just dont move at all… not untill your entire party is loaded and ready.

    you see the timer for the bonus doesnt actually start until one of your party moves from the spawn loaction. this allows everyone to load up and be ready for the pretty intense battle ahead. an MM and SS together work wonders on this mission. necro heaven as you said :)

  • Hi bobs! Thanks for posting.

    I wouldn’t take a chance. I’d start fighting from the moment you’re able. My mission guides are created with soloists in mind. I wasn’t really concerned about slow loaders. Yet, I decided to test out your suggestion. I went back to the map. Once the mission started, I didn’t move any of my characters. I just stood around the beginning circle. After getting bored, I decided to surf the net. I watched IGN’s review of Metroid 3. Wow… I gotta get that game. After 10+ minutes of that, and some random browsing of websites, I went back to the game. I absolutely dominated the map. I think it was my fastest run ever. Yet, my mission time was 25:08.

  • thanks for testing my suggestion. did u still get the bonus… the mission timer i believe. (this is just my interpretation) times from when you load but the bonus timer is from when you begin. which accounts for real player party’s.. and allows for slow loaders. because as u know there are many people out there still on slow connections. and/or dont know the trick to fully update your client. (cuts out all file downloads completely)

    but i’m sure u noticed the mobs don’t start spawning and raiding until you begin / move from the shrine. otherwise the mission would of been over before you started. its something to keep in mind for people who like to go threw to get protector with friends. :). hope the info’s helpfull. ill be watching your new guides as i think there a great help for knew players and players that need a few helping hints. and as long as u don’t mind will add my thoughts :). i’m currently working threw the guardian title tracks… my in game main char is ‘medic bobins’ might bump into u some time :)

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