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Guild Wars: Nightfall Bonus Mission Guide #14 – Jennur’s Horde

Part 14 of the Nightfall video series is a detailed tutorial for the Jennur’s Horde mission. A once beautiful place has been overtaken by evil. Photics teams up with Koss to crush some Harbingers and to stop the spread of the scourge. Narrated by Michael Garofalo, learn how to master this map.

Video Guide Transcript

Welcome to the Guild Wars Video Guide. I’m Mike Garofalo and this is part 14 of the Nightfall Bonus missions tutorial. This is another one of those choose a path missions. The game makes you decide… do you want to help Koss or do you want to help Melonni? The reality is that if you want the Protector title, you’ll have to do both missions.

For now, it’s time to help Koss. :)

Once you’re quests are up-to-date, just talk to the Master Gardener to get things going. You’ll need Koss on your team to start the mission. I also recommend bringing a decent amount of healing and some running skills. This map is Minion Master’s delight, so Necros can go nuts. If undead is not your thing, lightbringer skills are also good too.

This is another one of those, short but long missions. The map size is fairly small, but you’re probably going to waste a lot of time here. The first thing to do is to be aware of the Horticulturist. If he dies, the mission is a failure. He gives you an item that can kill Harbingers, but don’t use it yet. Actually, that’s one of tricks to this mission. The less Harbingers you kill the better.

The more Harbingers you kill, the more enemies you’ll have to fight. So… run past the first two, and then kill the third. Doing so will turn the Harbinger into a friendly spirit. Set up a front line at the top of the stairs, as this is a good position to hold. There are charging patrols on this map and they’ll try to run past you. They want to kill the Horticulturist. Don’t let that happen. I’ve had to chase down patrols and it’s not fun. That’s the key to this mission. Just be patient. I mean that… just be patient. Know that a new patrol will appear on a regular basis. Do not engage the enemies until you’ve eliminated these patrols.

Once you’ve cleared out the area a bit, it’s time to make your move. There are two extra harbingers on this map. You’ll have to kill them to get the bonus. There’s one on the left side of steps and there’s one on the right.

Getting the bonus is more of an art form than a strategy. You have to hit and run. Move up the steps… kill a few enemies… and then fall back. You have to kill two extra harbingers, and all of the surrounding enemies, while constantly worry about wandering patrols. Timing is important. Kill a few monsters, and then fall back to the middle. I find that sticking together works best, especially if you’re solo. You have to meet the enemy with overwhelming force or things just get messy. Kill them quickly! Repeat this tactic on the other side of the steps, then get ready for your final run.

The final boss is just like a regular Harbinger, but you’ll have to drop the light on him three times. You might need to clear a path first, so be careful. Don’t get sloppy when you’re so close to the end. If you’ve cleared out both sides of enemies, you should be able to sneak in solo. You might be tempted to kill some of the nearby Harbingers. That’s up to you. I know I did, as I got tired of running around. Friendly spirits give you the weapon to kill the Harbingers. It sure beats running back to the beginning of the map. You’ll have to decide a comfortable balance… more running or more enemies? Anyway, the point is to kill the main Harbinger, along with his left and right buddies. Do that and you’re done with this mission.

One Response to Guild Wars: Nightfall Bonus Mission Guide #14 – Jennur’s Horde

  • nice guide. i’d never thought of legging it past the two harbingers on the first corridor up to the main battle ground. i did this the difficult way and killed off all of the little gits.

    A tactic i used that some of u might find useful was to have two minion masters in the party. and when i was clearing the extra bonus harbingers on the steps i put an mm where the patrols head to the corridor down to your ally. (i always put the mm with most minions flagged there) that way the other mm could bulster up its army and you would always have an early warning if u’d missed a patrol because the mm you left behind would start loosing minions and often start taking damage. i mainly used this as a safety net… always a nightmare to go threw all that work and have one patrol slip threw the net and get the dam guy waiting at the start. i then swap the mm’s over and repeated for the other bonus harbinger.

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