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Lost In Ascalon #44 – Enchanted Exchange

Are you confused about the Guild Wars store? Imagine how confusing it must seem to your in-game characters. Do you think TANK and PHOTICS know about ArenaNet’s special offer? To “finally discover what became of Gwen after the Charr invaded her home” they’ll need to spend $29 in the Guild Wars in-game store? Oh, and they’ll have to do that before Halloween! Episode #44 of Lost In Ascalon illustrates this unusual situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t have a problem with ArenaNet using Gwen to promote their online store. It’s just very different from the norm. This is the first time that a credit card is associated with Guild Wars. Without ‘credit’, how else would you get to experience the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack?

7 Responses to Lost In Ascalon #44 – Enchanted Exchange

  • This is a brilliant move on ArenaNet’s part. Just think of all the overhead that ANet is cutting out, from producing a box and disk, to third party sales, which amounts to over half the retail price. In essence, the online store is giving ALL the profit to ArenaNet and NCSoft.

    And YES, I can’t wait to explore GW:EN.

  • Hee hee! This one was funny!! I want to order GW:EN but I’ve got to get my dad on his good side first so I can use his credit card. Hee hee!! Thanks for the new comic!!

  • HAHA! Good one photics. Agreed, it does sound silly, I agree with tank. I made my dad buy me all the extras! XD but I lost my allowance for 2 weeks… :( Ah well, the price of gw…

  • Well the offer works out well for me. Just started playing with my officemates so i bought Prophecies through the PlayNC store so I’ll be getting the mission pack when it comes out.

    It’s also a sharp move on their end to encourage people to buy GW:EN through their online store and as stated above save on distribution costs. Also it means that the full $40 goes right to NCSoft instead of the -X that is a normal stores cut of the cost.

  • Great comic as always

    Not a bad idea for ArenaNet
    but I sort of don’t trust online stores
    and would like to have a box and
    all the stuff. And it would be
    nice to see mission bonus pack+1 character
    slot in a real store.

  • I love to play the special mission pack but just don’t have credit card, so maybe I never play it. Anyway, think is a good support idea from promote Anet online store.

  • Oh I’m so looking forward to meeting little Gwen again. I missed the Sneak Peek (thanks to my ISP, gotta love it when a 6 Mbit/s line [drops] down to 300 kbit/s, felt like the Searing I tell you).

    I saw Anets announcement and just couldn’t hold back. The bonus missions, even if they’re only four, are something I have to get.

    That said… I love Anets in-game store. Additional character slots. Oh my! Or the PvP editions, great, now my heroes can use all the skills (I’m just a casual player, getting all skills unlocked the old way would take me years).

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