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Lost In Ascalon #45 – Doomed Decisions

Maybe you noticed. A lot of time has passed since the last episode of Lost In Ascalon. You also may have noticed that my Guild Wars: Nightfall Video Guides stop at part #15. That’s because I’ve been having issues with the storyline. There are two points in the Guild Wars lore where I’m really confused. Why would I want to group with Pyre Fierceshot? Even stranger, why would stopping Nightfall ultimately lead to another catastrophe? Lost In Ascalon #45 illustrates the situation.

I refuse to group with Charr, which is why I haven’t beaten Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Also, humans grouping with Charr is responsible for my lack of interest in Guild Wars 2. Fortunately, it looks like I might not have to.

There’s an interesting read on the PC Gamer website.

It looks like the sequel will continue the Charr-Human hostilities. But for now, the Guild Wars storyline has too many roadblocks. Knowing the future of the lore, I’m not going to set Joko free. That means my Nightfall adventure stops at map #15. In the Lost In Ascalon storyline, Nightfall is stopped by someone else. There are over 3,000,000 Guild Wars accounts, I’m think that at least one of them got around to clearing Nightfall.

5 Responses to Lost In Ascalon #45 – Doomed Decisions

  • I think you should complete the Elona missions. I’m just up to mission 15 thanks to your guides and I’m loving it. Also, there is no point in you farming lightbringer points if you’re not going to use them.

  • Yay! Another comic! ^_^

    Hmm… I just did the weekend event trial of GW:EN and there’s a reason I haven’t bought the actual expansion yet. (Although those heroes are calling my naaame…)

    I don’t really want to side with the Charr either, but maybe if I give it time and realize that they aren’t all that bad I can learn to tolerate them.

    The thing is, is that I love Guild Wars and I would follow it where ever it goes… Heh… So even if the Charr are important allies in GW2 and GW:EN I’m going to have to learn to like ‘em. :/

  • I just love these comics.
    Thanks for enriching us with this one :)
    Anyway, if you ever do want to complete NF, or want to kill a few Char, (even though it would mean you’d have to allie with a few of them {you’t be killing a lot more of their brothers}) I’m always interested in joining your group :)

  • You should do the storyline for the Eye of the North. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. After all the storyline, you can still hate the Charr, and Gwen also hates the Charr, so it’s everything OK.

    btw, did you know when humans first came to Ascalon, it belonged to the Charr. It was us that drove them away, after all.

  • Great comic. Now, keep in mind, alliances can be temporary, and truces are a integral part of overall diplomacy. If you don’t want to buddy up with the Charr on a permanent basis, consider your foray into their storyline a temporary bond, and nothing more. I know you love the storyline for Guild Wars, and I agree the others that you ought to play GW:EN! :)

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