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Lost In Ascalon #46 – Reputation

One of the things that I like about video games is being able to play the hero. In real life, I don’t get a chance to slay a dragon and to save the beautiful princess. In real life, things are rarely that simple. (Although, I imagine that killing a dragon in a modern city would be rather complicated.) Anyway, the point is that ArenaNet takes a somewhat opposite approach with Guild Wars lore. Episode #46 of Lost In Ascalon illustrates the situation.

Just about everyone hates you in Guild Wars. It’s really starting to annoy me. People wonder why I’m so xenophobic towards the other races. For example, I refuse to group with Charr. If the other races didn’t call me colorful phrases like “Mouse”, “Bookah” or “Two-Legs”, I wouldn’t have thoughts of genocide. I’m still of the opinion that ALL CHARR should be wiped out. Old video games were simple like that. You held down the fire button until everything was dead.

Anyway, Photics is officially in expansion territory.
Where will the story go from here?! :)

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  • You forgot “meat”. Yeah, humans suffer a lot in Guild Wars Eye of the North. They are considered inferior to all others, that is, until they show what they’re worth. But still, if any species in GW had to be wiped out, it would have to be the Humans. Yeah, that’s right. People like the Ascalonians, that take the Charr’s lands to themselves and then think they have rights on it, are the true monsters.

  • And now that you speak of Charr, in GW2 they gona be even bigger enemies than now. For me is this same more fun. But let’s wait for the game to come into the testing. For all of you that can’t wait ’til then go to the wiki and see under GW2, but beware of the spoiling.

  • I agree with Alex, but then again, Humans have always been very willingly ignorant in all games towards the fact that they sorta started every conflict, but blame the opposing team to make themselves feel much better. I think it’s great we finally get to team up with the Charr and that we get to play as them in GW2.

  • Ok let not fall too much in love with the Charr, remember who started the War in the northern Shiverpeeks with the Norn.
    I still refuse to believe that that was because they were hungry. Their luck is that Norn are happy in their home, and actually quite light hearted for something that big, otherwise I’d think the Char would be in a lot of trouble. Humans are bad, but you haven’t played through tyria with a Charr. I’m sure that as soon as one would knock at the port of Abaddon, he would get served. ;)

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