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Sound Effects (Volume 1)

Sound Effects — By PhoticsWith the Sound Effects by Photics collection, you can get a jump start on audio files for your next game or video project. Volume 1 contains 500 sound files. The collection can be licensed for only $5. That’s 1¢ for each file. These quick-hit sounds were custom made specifically for game development, but they can also be used for movies and website. These .WAV files are short quick hits, for tiny yet powerful immersion. Hollywood and radio style sound production techniques were studied for the creation of these sounds. The result is a variety of uses for these sounds. The sound files are saved as .WAV files, mono, 44100Hz. A significant percentage of the sound files can be looped.

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The license agreement – These files are licensed, not sold. By purchasing a license to use these sound files, you can use them in the following formats: video games, songs, websites, movies and videos. These files CANNOT be resold, distributed in a standalone basis or used as a soundboard application. Furthermore, these files are not permitted for use in illegal or obscene productions. By purchasing a license to use these files, you are not required to list “Photics” as the creator of these files. However, if you want to specify the source of these files, listing “Sound Effects by Photics” is appropriate. While reasonable measures have been taken to ensure these files will operate effectively, there is no warranty. The files contained in this collection are provided “AS IS” and “USE AT YOUR OWN RISK”. Failure to adhere to the license agreement may lead to the cancellation of your license — without refund. The sound files can be reused an unlimited amount of times, for an unlimited amount of projects, when in use by the original licensee. The sound files can be licensed by an individual or an official representative of an organization, but the license cannot be transferred to a different organization or individual. If you are using the sound files to create a project for a client, your client will require their own license in order to be authorized to use the sound files.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Can I use these in an unlimited amount of projects?
A – If you’re the original licensee, yeah sure, have fun.

Q – Are these just lots of different versions of the same sound?
A – I tried to make each sound a bit unique and I tried to add a good variety of sounds. Some sounds might sound similar. But overall, I think that the collection has a lot of diversity. You could make a cooking game, a sci-fi alien game, or maybe even an alien-cooking game. :-D

Q – I still don’t believe you. These sounds are probably lousy.
A – I use these sounds in my own game projects.

Q – I don’t know. How can I trust you?
A – has been online for over a decade.

Q – Can I edit the sounds?
A – Yeah sure, but you’re not permitted to resell derivative works. If you edit the sounds and throw it into a hit song, that’s cool. If you edit the sounds and create your own sound effects collection, that’s not permitted.

Q – How do I edit these sounds?
A – If you need an editing program, Audacity might be helpful.

Q – I’m not that good with making games though. Can you help?
A – I wrote The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook, that book was written to make it even easier to make games with GameSalad.

Q – Do you have samples of the sounds?
A – You can check the “Free .WAV Wednesday” articles for some free samples. There’s a list of the sounds on the next page. (Note: The file sizes are close estimates, but that should give you a better idea of what to expect from the sound collection.)

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