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Sonic The Hedgehog Review (iOS version 2.0 – 2013)

Sonic the Hedgehog Title Screen - Thumbnail ImageIt doesn’t feel like it to me, but Sonic The Hedgehog is over two decades old. And in the early 90’s, it would have been inconceivable for me to imagine such an incredible – and portable – port. The 2013 iOS version of Sonic The Hedgehog is better than the original. It’s been a while since I’ve played an iOS game until the “Low Battery” warning appeared. The difference here is that I fully recharged the phone and played until the warning appeared again.

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Icon Maker Review

Icon Maker logoAs a Mac / iOS developer, I have a lousy time trying to make good icons. This is incredibly important, as that’s what helps to sell apps. If a customer sees a poor icon, they might lose interest in the software. That’s why I decided to buy a copy of Icon Maker. My objective was to acquire software that would allow me to quickly and easily improve the quality of my app icons. And in theory — better icons would improve my sales. I haven’t actually done that yet with Icon Maker, but I think this software could eventually be helpful.

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