Streets of Rage 2 – The Retro Rumble Revisited

Streets of Rage 2 – Axel Dragon WingThere’s been something of an ethical dilemma that’s been battling in my brain. Are video games moral? Is it nothing more than a waste of time? If so, wouldn’t it be sinful for developers to create such games and to profit from them? Is this profession nothing more than assuming the role of a digital drug dealer, where the youth are compelled to play again and again? Fortunately, games like Streets of Rage 2 remind me that video games can be good.

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Three Reasons Why Today’s Video Games Suck!

Emoji - Video Games SuckWith all of the glorious technology available to humanity, shouldn’t this be a golden age of video gaming? Why am I so underwhelmed by the latest releases of software – or even hardware? I didn’t run out to buy an Xbox One (what a stupid name for a console), Nintendo Wii U (yet another stupid name for a console) or a PlayStation 4. Not even the 99¢ (or even free) games on iOS have been enjoyable lately. Why? What’s wrong? I thought about it and found three big issues – problems that are fairly new to gaming.

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Photics: Revisions – Course Correction (Can it be done?)

It all starts with an idea. There’s a vision in my head… a space-shooter video game. I’ve been wanting to make a video game based on my book Photics: Revisions. With the iPhone and GameSalad, there appears to be a road to victory, but can it be done? I’m not sure, but I’m going to document my progress. The more I research the matter, the more confident I become. Yet, the idea to make “Photics: Revisions – Course Correction” is not new. That idea has been bouncing around in my brain for years. Has technology finally caught up to fantasy? Do I finally have the tools to make my dreams a reality?

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Video Game Management Style

Ever wonder why so many people try to escape reality by going into video games? True, I love video games… but the real world should be more desirable. I was puzzled by this oddity. Why does virtual loot become more valuable to people than real loot? More specifically, why is eight hours of killing rats in World of Warcraft considered so addicting, but eight hours of office work is so dreaded? That’s when I had an epiphany. It’s the management style. Video Games are about managing people. What do the players do with their time, how do they work/play together and what are fair rewards? These are important principles that office managers tend to miss. That’s why I’ve created this Video Game Management Style article. Perhaps it could lead to more productive and happy workers.

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Five Video Game Gift Ideas For Poor Gamers… Or Just People On A Budget

poor-gamers-thumbnailI’m in NYC, what I consider ground zero for the current financial crisis. Bad banks, high unemployment, foreclosures, fraud, cash for clunkers, oh my! It’s a tough environment for an honest gamer. I just don’t get it. These are the same streets, the same people, but for some reason lots of people are in a bad mood. They’re worried about spending money, which only perpetuates the problem. The gaming industry is important for business. Excitement for new games drives console and computer sales. That puts people to work, which helps the economy. So let’s get excited! Let’s make life fun again! But of course, we’ll start slow. Here are some inexpensive game ideas for cost conscious consumers.

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