Under Consideration

While future widgets are not guaranteed, the following is a list of widgets that are under consideration. There’s a general vision emerging. Using macOS is great, but a lot of that experience is scattered across many apps. Switching between those apps wastes time, especially when you have to search for the app. A few seconds here, a few minutes there, it doesn’t seem like a lot – but it adds up. What if there was a better way?

The longterm plan for the Widgets app is to create an experience where many common tasks can be accomplished in a single app. The Widgets app’s mission – to neatly display a lot of information and functionality into a single space. In other words, it’s a software-based multitool.

If you want to request a widget, even if it’s already listed on this page, you can use the Contact Form to send a message.

  • Morse Code — For emergencies, it could be life saving to know the dots-and-dashes for letters and numbers. (It would be really nice if this was bidirectional.)
  • Network Stats — This could be a nice companion to the “System Stats” Widget.
  • Notes — Is it enough to just add a box for typing? Probably not. The idea is to plug into iCloud. That’s fairly complicated. It has to be done safely too.
  • Recipes / Cookbook — Getting content is tough.
  • RSS Feed Reader — Not looking very likely right now.
  • To-Do — Significant progress has been achieved with this widget. The idea is to plug into “Reminders”.
  • Counter: Countdown — Basically, this is the opposite of the Stopwatch.
  • Counter: Increment — Sometimes you need to count something, but not lose track.
  • Counter: Stopwatch — Probably easy to build, but it needs to look pretty.
  • Days Until — It might be nice to have a widget that lists the days until an event, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another custom day.
  • Quick Calculator: Inflation — Looks like the Bureau of Labor Statistics has nice data regarding inflation. (But if I add this, then the app needs be updated monthly to get the latest data.)
  • Quick Calculator: Interest — This needs to look pretty. It probably needs animated graphs. The math needs to be right too.
  • Quick Calculator: Percentage — This is easy to build. But with only 11 widgets, I’m not ready to add another calculator yet.
  • WEB: Base64 Converter — Planned for the “Web Developer” update
  • WEB: Color Selector — Planned for the “Web Developer” update
  • WEB: Glossary — Planned for the “Web Developer” update
  • WEB: Regex — Regular Expression Tester (possibly for “Web Developer” update)
  • GAME: B.R.O.O.M. (Mini Classic) — This has to work in mobile too, which complicates the matter.
  • GAME: Mini Pinball — Ah, pinball. Artwork is the main issue here.
  • GAME: Mini Picopede — This is a fast-paced game, which might not be suited for the Widgets app. One false move and the screen scrolls.
  • GAME: Tic-Tac-Toe — People probably don’t want this. It’s just a placeholder. The general idea is to release a new game widget as the 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th widgets.