Under Consideration

While future widgets are not guaranteed, the following is a list of widgets that are under consideration. There’s a general vision emerging. Using macOS is great, but a lot of that experience is scattered across many apps. Switching between those apps wastes time, especially when you have to search for the app. A few seconds here, a few minutes there, it doesn’t seem like a lot – but it adds up. What if there was a better way?

The longterm plan for the Widgets app is to create an experience where many common tasks can be accomplished in a single app. The Widgets app’s mission – to neatly display a lot of information and functionality into a single space. In other words, it’s a software-based multitool.

If you want to request a widget, even if it’s already listed on this page, you can use the Contact Form to send a message.

    • BOT — I’m not sure what I’ll officially call this widget. I’m not even ready to discuss the details. Right now, this is just a placeholder.
    • Morse Code — For emergencies, it could be life saving to know the dots-and-dashes for letters and numbers. (It would be really nice if this was bidirectional.)
    • Network Stats — This could be a nice companion to the “System Stats” Widget.
    • Notes — Is it enough to just add a box for typing? Probably not. The idea is to plug into iCloud. That’s fairly complicated. It has to be done safely too.
    • Randomizer — Coin Toss, Dice, Password Generator
    • Recipes / Cookbook — Getting content is tough.
    • RSS Feed Reader — Not looking very likely right now.
    • Days Until — It might be nice to have a widget that lists the days until an event, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another custom day.
    • Quick Calculator: Inflation — Looks like the Bureau of Labor Statistics has nice data regarding inflation. (But if I add this, then the app needs be updated monthly to get the latest data.)
    • Quick Calculator: Interest — This needs to look pretty. It probably needs animated graphs. The math needs to be right too.
    • Weather (Canada) — It’s not certain if the Widgets app will go international, but free weather data from the Canadian Government might be a good place to start. Although, since Apple acquired Dark Sky, no immediate weather changes are planned. Hopefully Apple opens up their newly found weather data to macOS / iOS / iPadOS developers.
    • Walkie-Talkie — The main idea of this app is to work offline. It’s kinda a survivalist / prepper app. But for Widgets to truly fulfill that role, what additional functionality is required? That’s when I wondered, what if there was no Internet? Suddenly, being able to chat via Bluetooth, WiFi or some other decentralized means could be very useful. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do here. I haven’t even fully researched the possibilities. I’m just listing it for now, because this seems like a cool idea. Maybe this even ties into the “Morse Code” widget — a “Communicator” widget.

Notification Center Widgets

  • Bible Verse of the Day — Since the app has access to the entire bible, it seems like a daily bible quote could be an inspirational addition to the Notification Center.
  • Word of the Day — Since the app has access to word definitions, it seems like a “Word of the Day” would be a nice addition to “Glanceable” widgets in the Notification Center.

While these games were previously on the list, they now seem better suited for a dedicated gaming app — possibly a relaunch of the “Arcading” app.

    • GAME: B.R.O.O.M. (Mini Classic) — This has to work in mobile too, which complicates the matter.
    • GAME: Mini Pinball — Ah, pinball. Artwork is the main issue here.
    • GAME: Mini Picopede — This is a fast-paced game, which might not be suited for the Widgets app. One false move and the screen scrolls.
    • GAME: Run/Jump/Duck — The idea is to create a running game, with simple controls. Either it’s just jump or jump and duck.

Updated — November 27, 2021