In year 1998, when the Internet was still new, Photics.com was born. It was founded as an Internet publishing business. That covers a wide range of content β€” video games, electronic magazines, books, comics, videos, mobile apps and online articles β€” but the real source of the variety at this website originates with its founder. That’s me… Michael Garofalo.

AOL was popular back in the late 80’s. I was looking for a good screen name. I opened an unabridged dictionary, in search of words related to photography. While skimming through a list of words that started with the letters “Pho”, I stumbled upon the unique name for this website. By definition, “Photics” means the science of light. I liked that. Light is good and I consider myself a good guy. I also consider myself something of a scientist. It felt like a good nickname for my online alter-ego. That word would be a beacon for all of my online friends.

Before social networking, before blogging was trendy, before most people could send a text message. I was sharing my interests and stories with the rest of the world. My journalism background is likely to blame. I had some exciting adventures while chasing news events, taking pictures and sharing those stories with the world. Throughout high school and college, my average day was usually about creating the next yearbook or student newspaper. Thanks to an affinity for journalism and publishing, I had a head start on the Internet.

After completing my degree in Photojournalism, I found some decent work in New York City. But unfortunately, the job was more technical than creative. I missed the days of being an editor. That’s why I started this website. I wanted to build something greater. It’s hard to do that from within a bureaucracy. Here, I can set the goals, the rules and the pace.

That’s brings this story up to the present day. It’s an excellent time to be a publisher. With millions of phones in the pockets and purses of people from all around the globe, I don’t have to lug around boxes of books or bundles of newspapers. Distribution is way easier. I can focus on what matters β€” creating entertaining and informative content. Technology has made publishing quicker and more affordable. Photics.com helps makes that possible. This site is the catalysis. Without this site, I doubt that I’d be publishing ebooks, developing apps or creating mobile games.

This website also hosts reviews, tutorials and feature articles. From the perils of game development, to reviews of the latest games and gadgets, I like to write about technology and to share knowledge. With content stretching back to the late 90’s, I’ve decided to keep this website as a blog. I like the archival format. With a glance into the past, I can see my accomplishments, what’s changed and I what I’ve learned.

Is Photics a hobby or is it a business? It’s both! If you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

Thanks for visiting Photics.com!

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