The following books were authored and published by Michael Garofalo.

A Book About Hype – This is an informative guide to help web designers and developers use Hype by Tumult Inc. The Mac exclusive software can be used to create websites, apps, books and games.

The Interactive Stencyl Textbook – If you, or someone you love, has been thinking about making their own video game or app, Stencyl and this textbook could be a great way to jumpstart that dream.

The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook β€” Learn how to create Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and web games with this comprehensive GameSalad guide. The game creation process is covered from the conception stages to publishing and marketing your app on the iTunes Store.

Revisions β€” Ever wish you could change the past or rewrite history? Find out what happens when humanity is faced with the power to do just that. It’s magic vs. technology in this science fiction book, where you help to determine the outcome of the story.

Guild Wars: High Ground β€” In this fan-fiction storybook, join TANK as the Ascalonians defend their position from the Charr invaders. Your decisions are necessary to progress the story. Choose the right skill for the situation. Enjoy the vividly described battles and a dramatic ending.

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