Privacy Policy was designed to respect your privacy. Unlike many other websites on the Internet, this website does not use third-party advertisement networks or embed third-party tracking scripts (such as Google Analytics or social media icons) on its web pages.

Cookie Policy – uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS). Cookies are necessary to make certain parts of the system function, such as logging into the website or posting comments. However, since that level of access is currently limited, you should not be receiving cookies from through a normal website visit.

Local Storage – Some games on this website, such as Cabling and Circles with Grandma, use Local Storage to save your game settings and other related information. This may include sound preferences, game progress or high scores. This data is not sent back to, nor is it shared with third-parties. It’s just for you!

Server Logs – Every time a file is downloaded from this website, that action is recorded in the server log. This data includes information such as your IP address, date/time of request, “user agent” (This is the web browser and operating system that are you using.) and the website referrer. This information is used to monitor the security and activity of the website. The previous month of web logs are set to be deleted automatically at the end of the current month. This potentially personally identifiable information is not shared with third-parties unless required by law or as part of an investigation of nefarious activity against

Web Traffic Reports – Based on the data in the raw web server logs, non-personally identifiable web traffic reports are generated. This general information may be shared with third-parties. (Example: A report may show the number of monthly visitors to or a list of the most popular pages.)

Web Hosting – uses HostRocket for web hosting. HostRocket is located in upstate New York. HostRocket may review server logs while investigating support requests or auditing server performance. They do not share this data with third parties.

Contact Form – If you want to send a message to Photics / Michael Garofalo, there is a contact form. This method is used to minimize incoming “SPAM” messages. Using the contact form is similar to sending an email. A copy of the message is stored in for a short period of time, and then it is deleted from the website. While these private messages are removed from the website, the messages are stored offline as personal email. This information is saved to assist with customer support.

Hyperlinks – There are “Hyperlinks” on that lead to other websites, each with their own privacy policy (if any). The privacy policy is only related to this website. Photics Apps, Books and Games may be available at a third-party website. (Example: A Book About Hype is available at, which has its own privacy policy.)

Photics Software – Photics does not track you through its Apps, Books and Games. See the Code of Honor for more details.

The Future – The privacy policy may change in the future, especially if new website features are added. As an example, perhaps comments will be opened again or maybe there will be a high-score system for Photics games.

Updated – July 24, 2021