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Cover Image of The Unofficial GameSalad TextbookLearn how to create Mac, Windows, iOS and Android games with this comprehensive (224 page PDF) GameSalad guide. The game creation process is covered from the conception stages to publishing and marketing your app. This book teaches the basics of GameSalad, and then move towards more advanced topics — math, physics, optimization, content creation, common game elements, publishing and marketing. With more than 58,000 words, hundreds of images and 10 mini-templates, the GameSalad software is explained with detailed descriptions, easy to understand instructions and straightforward lingo.

The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook has a chapter dedicated to math. The charts and examples help to quickly explain the advanced power of GameSalad expressions. If the only thing you remember of trigonometry is frustrating times in High School, you might find the textbook to be highly enlightening. Once complicated and seemingly useless knowledge is quickly put into real-world action. The textbook was written for all levels of GameSalad developers — from beginner to advanced. If you’re just starting out with the software, or you’ve been using the software for years, the information in this book may still be very useful to you. There are time-saving tips and tricks in this textbook that make it even easier to use GameSalad. Avoid common pitfalls with the critical knowledge contained in this book.

Within minutes I’m able to find solutions to all my problems

– Mike Quinn

You will speed up your learning immensely with this knowledge

– AlexScoots

Disclaimer — While reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this book, there is no warranty. This book is provided “as is” and your use of this book is at your own risk.

Templates — While the templates were created to help you build your own games, the images in the template files are not for redistribution.

Cross-Platform — While the Mac and Windows versions of GameSalad are similar, there may be some differences between the two platforms. This book is primarily written from the Mac perspective.

Update Information — Version 2.0, last changed December 31, 2012.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for asking :)

      The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook has been temporarily removed from sale. It should return when version 2.0 is complete. I’m thinking this is about 30-60 days away. A big part of this upgrade is the inclusion of templates. Since the book is switching back to a PDF, I can embed files. Although, some people might want a printed copy of the book, so there might be an online component to the book instead. When the book is ready, this is the page to check for ordering instructions. By registering for this website, you should receive an email notification when the book is ready.

  1. Sorry for my poor English, but I don’t speak it very well…
    I bought the old pdf version of the book, is it possible to have the update version, or I’ll have to pay the full price again?

    1. Version 1.0 was discontinued and is not supported with upgrades anymore. The price of the book (version 2.0) was just lowered from $19.98 to $10.

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