Cabling is a pure puzzle game. It sports a minimalist design, aimed at relaxing your brain. There are no annoying sound effects, no repetitive background music, no disco-tech-esque color explosions and no stress inducing timers. Play as fast or slow as you like. You can think strategically, carefully planning out each move, or you can just wing it.

Cabling is easy and fun to play, but it’s also challenging. The objective in the game of “Cabling” is to make a connection from the left side of the board to the right side. Each tile can be rotated 90° clockwise. Spin the pieces into place to make a solid path from left to right.

Each time you move a piece, energy is lost. This is indicated by the red power meter on the left side. The left-side “LED” indicators are lit when power is available. If there is no power, that spot cannot be used to make a left-to-right connection. The game is over when the power is gone. Energy is gained for each completed piece.

The right-side “LED” indicators turn blue as the experience bar rises. Each completed connection to the right side raises the bar. Fill the bar to reach the next level. The difficulty increases as the level increases.