Template License (PPL)


The idea of open source is wonderful. It’s such a great idea and a great way to share code. When I see a GPL or MIT license on an open source project, I’m happy. But unfortunately, these licenses weren’t quite what was required for the templates related to A Book About Hype. That is why the “Photics Public License” (PPL) was written.

The License

The A Book About Hype templates were created by Photics
Copyright © 2015-2021

The templates are freely available for download, use, or usage in other software projects (including commercial projects) provided that the following conditions are met.

  • No Warranty — The software is provided “as is” and your use of this software is at your own risk. There is no liability for damages or losses resulting from use, or inability to use, this software.
  • Distribution Stipulation — This software cannot be publicly redistributed on a standalone basis. For unmodified code distribution, always refer to the official project URL — https://photics.com/books/a-book-about-hype/
  • Attribution Recommendation — The project name, project URL, copyright notice, and mention of the PPL license should be included in redistributions of this project.
  • Modification Statement —The Photics Public License is specifically for Photics projects. This license does not govern any of your code changes.
  • Code Contributions — By contributing code or feedback to this software you agree that the copyright holder of this software will have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, irrevocable and perpetual license to implement, use, modify, commercially exploit and/or incorporate your submissions into this software. You further agree that your submissions are done so voluntarily and without compensation. You further acknowledge that suggested changes to the software might not be accepted.

Version 1.0.1 — April 18, 2021 (updated the copyright year)

Proper Attribution

A simple code comment is fine. Here’s an example…

This project uses a template from A Book About Hype
By Michael Garofalo — Copyright © 2015-2021
Licensed under the Photics Public License (PPL)


With the new version of A Book About Hype, there’s a lot of code. The templates and code examples are meant to be sharable. But as the “Choose A License” website says…

An open source license protects contributors and users. Businesses and savvy developers won’t touch a project without this protection.

The PPL was created in response to the launch of A Book About Hype, which has a lot of sharable projects. As stated in the license, the PPL only covers the Photics software. The templates are just a starting point. Where your projects go from there, that is up to you.