Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 1: Healing Hands – When trapped in a dream world, which is more real – the fantasy or reality? You’re in no shape for philosophy, as you are caught in a coma. Your friends and allies desperately try to pull you back into the world of the living, but a near fatal head wound keeps you tethered to sleep.

An Ascalonian Monk rests along the side of your bed. She frantically tries to catch her breath. She uses her cloth sleeves to wipe the sweat from her forehead. With another deep inhale, she focuses her concentration onto the channeling of powerful magic. The room bursts with beautiful colors. She closes her eyes, attempting to force all of her energy into a compact ball. The light and energy swirls into a blue sphere. Held in place by the Monk’s dainty hands, the orb glows brighter and bigger. Wielding such powerful magic, the Monk prepares herself for the moment of anticipation. She splits the orb in two-halves. With a swooshing sound, the energy flies towards her fingertips. One pulsing sphere surrounds her right hand and the other sphere engulfs her left hand.

The Monk holds onto the brilliant power for just a short moment. The expression on her face reveals her enjoyment. She is relishing the sensation of positive energy. Yet, this power is not for her. It is for you! It is to release you from your prison of slumber. If you continue to remain unconscious, you will die. Preparing for the moment of contact, the Monk leans closer to you. She rests her hands on your chest and she yells, “Revive!”

The room explodes with an array of dazzling colors. The shock wave sends the petite healer reeling to the floor. With no strength left, she collapses. Your body jolts with the sudden surge of life-force. Every pore in your body shines with a beam of light. Yet, your situation does not improve. The energy dissipates and you remain unconscious. While struggling to get back on her feet, the Monk speaks softly to a man in the corner of the room. He has been carefully watching your situation. The Monk says, “I’m sorry TANK. I failed. I cannot save our friend.”

Believing that nothing more can be done for you, the Monk bursts into tears.

TANK smirks. The sound of scraping metal and clanging chains can be heard as he rises to his feet. Standing at six and a half feet tall, and sporting a muscular physique, TANK is a fierce fighter. War is all he knows. Some say he sleeps in his armor and with a sword in his hand. What business does he have here? Why has TANK taken an interest in your continued existence? The burly man carefully helps the Monk to recover. With his huge arms, TANK scoops up Lina. With little effort, he gently places her on a nearby bed. TANK says, “Rest Lina. You have not failed. You have shown me what must be done.”

While wiping tears from her eyes, Lina watches TANK with curiosity. If a Master Monk cannot save you, what good can Warrior do — even one with the skills of a Paladin?

The Warrior walks towards your motionless body and he is about to cast a spell. TANK clenches his fists, which are lowered at the sides of his waist. It is as if he’s pulling magic from the earth. Sparks fly out from the ground, traveling straight into TANK’s body. He holds this position for a few seconds, and then he lets out a mighty yell. Lifting his hands upward, then violently motioning towards you, the action mimics a bolder toss. Lina is exhausted. But even in her weakened state, she realizes what TANK is about to do. She recognizes the spell and it was not meant for this. TANK’s magical power crashes into your body, surrounding you in a warm glow. At that same moment, Lina scrambles to get up. She yells, “No! TANK, what are you doing? That’s not a resurrection spell.”

With a sinister grin, TANK removes his Glacier Blade from its sheath. He clutches this long sword with both of his hands. It is a perfect blade, forged from the finest materials available. The blade’s ominous glow illuminates TANK’s face with a bluish color. Turning the blade downward, TANK ignores Lina’s warning. TANK gives a quick wink to Lina and says, “It is today.”

What spell did TANK use?

  • Mending – Your health regeneration increases faster than normal
  • Guardian – You have a 50% chance to block attacks
  • Reversal of Fortune – Enchantment Spell. For 8 seconds, the next time target ally would take damage, that ally gains that amount of Health instead, maximum.
  • Retribution – Whenever target ally takes attack damage, this Spell deals 33% of the damage back to the source.

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