Guild Wars: High Ground

Joke – Boldly you state, “There’s 45 of us and 9,000 of them? Well, I can kill 200 Charr, how about you?”

TANK laughs and says, “Yes… easily… in my sleep.”

An Ascalonian Archer replies, “True, but only if you’ve eaten too much chili before bedtime.”

The rooftop bursts out with laughter. While the situation is dire, the Ascalonians stand confidently. There are smiles on the faces of your comrades. You hold the high ground. Many Charr will die if they dare attack. Why fear this moment? Why not revel in the thrill of this battle? Today, your fellow Ascalonians are prepared to give their deaths meaning. The sacrifices of today, bring hope to the future. Your people have a chance to build a new life, but only if you can stop the Charr advance. If life must inevitably end, then isn’t a glorious ending preferred? Today, legends are made. You are part of it.

The final battle begins. Continue on to the next chapter!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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