Guild Wars: High Ground

AmityAmity – This isn’t right. Only Ascalonian allies should stand at the top of Wysoki Tower. While the crazed archer is messed up in the head, he is supposed to be on your side. Ascalonians were not meant to fight each other. That energy should be saved to thwart the Charr. That’s why Amity is an excellent choice. It is a non-violent approach to subduing the crazed archer. The stress and the evils of war have put pressure on his mind. Yet, his heart is not yet lost. You can save him.

You grab the Amity scroll with both hands, reading its words aloud. Magical energy begins to swirl around you. The wind picks up speed and dazzling lights flash out from your body. Naturally, this gathers attention. The crazed archer is no longer aiming at TANK. Now the archer is aiming at you. He shouts, “Hey you, stop that! What are you doing. Stop! Don’t make me shoot you!”

His words are in vain. The spell is cast. The entire area is now covered by the effects of the Amity spell. From the east rampart to the west, from the north wall to the south, the top of Wysoki Tower is engulfed in magical energy. The results are immediate. The archer drops his bow and says, “I love you!”

TANK, a war hardened man, is shocked by this sudden change of events. The crazed archer turns to TANK. The archer’s passionate look gives the Warrior an uncomfortable feeling. The crazed archer has a weird expression in his face. With watery eyes and flushed cheeks, the crazed archer shouts, “I love you too man. You’re the best. Life is great. I feel so wonderful!”

Before the crazed archer can reach TANK, the Wysoki Tower guards grab the crazed archer. The threat has been neutralized. He will be escorted to a prison cell. As the archer is carried off, he keeps making overly affectionate gestures and kissing sounds. After witnessing the excessive hugging and overly sappy display, TANK finds himself in an uneasy mood. He says, “If you ever cast that spell on me I’ll kill you.”

Fortunately for TANK, only your enemies can be the target of Amity.

You made the correct choice. Continue on to the next chapter!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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