Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 10: The Final Battle – The Ascalonian Archers are standing ready on the ramparts. TANK paces alongside them. He says, “I think it’s time you knew the truth. When I first met you all, it was because the king only wanted to surround himself with the best. He reserved the skilled Ascalon fighters for himself. The others, he sent to me.” As TANK speaks, he hands a single arrow to each of the archers. TANK continues, “The King did this for a reason. He knew that out here, you’d learn the hard lessons of war. He knew that with me, you’d become winners.”

“Maybe your aim is slightly off, maybe your strength is a little weak, that’s not what matters most. What matters is that you fight together — as one team, with one goal. That goal is victory! Together, your individual imperfections are hidden. Together, your combined strength increases your chances for survival… and success. When I give the word, you run. I know that this command might be tough for you to follow, but that is my command. Do not hesitate. When I give the order, you get to the escape tunnel and you get out of here. The fate of this tower you can leave to me.”

“Some of you might be wondering where’s the victory in retreat. Well, here’s another truth about war. You don’t have to win every battle, only the ones that matter. Today, the Charr will take this tower, but we’ll be taking their lives. At no time, at no place, have more Charr died.”

The Charr are beginning to run up the hill. TANK steps back and smirks. TANK shouts, “Make that first shot count. But don’t worry, you have a big target. Just aim for the charging mob. Open fire!”

The Ascalonian Archers respond in total unison. It was as if every arrow was launched at the exact same moment in time. As you watch the arrows fly, there’s something peculiar about these projectiles. The arrows started sizzling as they were released. A sparkling trail highlights the flight path of the arrows. Sparks… could it be… yes… these arrows are explosive. TANK can read the expression on your face. He knows that you’ve discovered their magical property. He looks at you and says, “You might want to hold on to something.”

The Charr are a loud bunch, but their sounds were muted by the deafening blasts. A dozen explosions wreak the Charr frontline. The tower shakes, as if moved by an earthquake. The force puts tremendous strain on the structure, as the bricks begin to grind and chip. You stumble to your feet and your curiosity motivates you. Peeking your head over the side, you survey the carnage. The fallen Charr are a disgusting mess of limbs, intestines and blood. TANK also grabs a quick look. “It looks like we got 200 of them, only a little over 8800 more to go.”

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