Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 11: The Falling Tower – The Charr continue their attack. Even while slipping on the remains of their comrades, your enemies are undeterred. They’re advancing up the hill to Wysoki Tower. TANK points toward the catapult team and he shouts, “Fire!”

A huge boulder is lobbed over the wall. You watch the descent of this rock, crushing the Charr marauders. Just as before, the Charr were helpless against such an attack. Some of the Charr die quickly, others are left to suffer. Without remorse more Charr rush up the hill. The injured and dying do nothing to slow the aggressors. Only the destruction of your base is all that matters to them. Your comrades are obviously shocked by such a horrific scene. But they cannot be negligent in their duty, unless they want to become part of the slaughter. The Ascalonian Archers continue to fire into the crowd. The catapult is being rearmed for another volley.

While all this action is going on, you are left standing alone. You want to help. You want to matter in this mission.

TANK again gives the order to fire the catapult. The results were no less devastating than before, but the Charr continue to advance like flood after a hurricane. Some have approached the gates and they’re smashing at the doors. TANK shouts, “Give ’em the oil!” Boiling hot oil is poured down on the Charr. The screams are maddening.

The Charr are getting closer and closer to you. Despite an array of atrocities, the Charr continue to advance. Despite the burning, the crushing and the piercing, the Charr still proceed up the hill. What motivates them? Why do they waste their lives in order to extinguish yours?

You quickly scan your surroundings. You can see that the siege weapon is breaking. You can see the dwindling supply of arrows. You can see that the Charr are still advancing. TANK sees this as well. He gives the command. “Get to the tunnel… now!”

Lina leads the egress. Everyone follows her… everyone but TANK… and you!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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