Guild Wars: High Ground

Meteor StrikeMeteor Shower – Gravity is already on your side. You hold the high ground. The Charr have to traverse a narrow path in order to reach the gates of Wysoki Tower. With Meteor Shower at your command, you’re adding even more leverage to your position. You’re summoning fiery death from the sky. With your newly found magical powers, you control rocks from the heavens. Steadily, you increase their speed until they’re traveling thousands of kilometers per hour.

The scroll explained a simple truth about the universe: Velocity + Mass = Dead Charr.

While floating in space, your projectiles were harmless. Yet, with the power of Meteor Shower, you’ve created a weapon that the Charr cannot defend against. Your spell is slow to cast, but it is not slower than the encumbered Charr. As your enemies approach the gates, the sun is being blocked out from their view. The Charr stop their advance. They’re confused about the faint shadow that surrounds them. The Charr quickly survey the ground. They realize that the rest of the battlefield is covered in sunlight. Why is their position cast in shadow? In confusion, the Charr turn their attention toward the sky. Their eyes struggle to focus against the bright glare from the sun. Holding up their claws to their foreheads, the Charr try to block out the sunlight. It is of no use for them. Your attack is aligned with the sun.

Risking blindness, the Charr continue to stare into the sky. What are those dots on the sun? Why are they getting larger? It’s as if you can read the thoughts of your enemy. You smile gleefully as the eureka moment hits their brains. Something is coming for them. Panic sets in. The Charr try to run, but they are too encumbered. Boulders from space strike their bodies, crushing them instantly. Some of the Charr raise their shields towards the sky. This is a futile attempt to protect themselves. The speed is too great. The red-hot rocks flatten your enemies, shields and all. You have won a stunning victory against the Charr. With such staggering losses, the remaining Charr are forced into retreat.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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