Guild Wars: High Ground

Do Nothing – You decide to let the Archer go. Half of the Ascalonian populous is in the process of abandoning their homeland. They’re wandering over to Kytra, the lands of a former enemy. Why should this archer be treated more harshly? Obviously his weakened spirit can no longer endure the horrors of war. Forcing him to stay will only make him a burden for when the real fighting starts. You try to convince TANK that he should just let the archer go.

Initially, TANK refuses. He replies, “Why should I let him go. Do you think that I want to be here too? No, but I have to fight the Charr. It is my duty for my king and my kingdom. I have to be a man and face my enemies. If we don’t stand here, then what do we stand for? Cowardice… weakness… that’s not me. I do what’s right because it is the only way that matters.”

TANK seems pretty brave for someone with an arrow pointed at their face. TANK says to the archer, “Shoot me. Go on, if you got the guts. Go ahead, shoot! My Monks will just resurrect me and then I’m going to kick some discipline into your hide.”

You one again plead your case to TANK. Surprisingly, you are successful. TANK turns to the archer and says, “There’s a reason for loyalty. But OK, deserter, you can find out why on the other side of these walls.”

TANK orders his guards to open the gates and let the archer go. From the ramparts, you watch the lone archer walk away. His path is obvious, he intends to rendezvous with the Ascalonian caravan. Maybe he could make a better life in Kryta.

With sadness, you watch the archer walk away. You won’t get to watch for very long. As soon as the archer steps onto the main road, he is ambushed by two Charr Stalkers. The Charr were waiting in the trees, plotting to kill any wandering Ascalonians. The archers of Wysoki Tower fire upon the Charr, in attempt to save their former comrade, but it is too late. The Ascalonian was killed and dragged into the woods by the Charr. They will likely burn the archer’s corpse, as a ceremonial exercise to boost Charr morale.

TANK shouts, “Do you see now? Do you see why loyalty is important? Together, we stand a chance. Alone, you die.”

This was not the best choice. You can try again or continue on to the next chapter.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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