Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 7: Good vs. Evil – The next morning, most of inhabitants of Wysoki tower are sleeping late. Now that TANK has finished his secret project, and there’s a lull in Charr attacks, the Ascalonians are catching up on some needed rest. Only one person is awake — TANK.

You awake shortly after dawn. The fresh air fills your lungs. Now that you have completely recovered from your injuries, you don’t feel like sleeping. You are revitalized. Lina was right. Even your scars are gone. As you look out the window, you spot TANK standing alone. You are curious about his actions, so you decide to talk with TANK. Why isn’t he asleep? Has he been standing there the whole night?

“Oh, hello my friend. I didn’t see you. I decided to take the night watch. Everyone will need to be fully rested for the battles ahead. The Charr will come again. But me, I couldn’t sleep. I’m troubled by yesterday’s events. That archer, he was a good guy, but war can do strange things to a man.”

“It makes me wonder what it’s all for. It’s a battle of good and evil out there. I always thought that we — the good guys — were stronger. Now… I don’t know… I’m starting to have my doubts. Good has to win every day, win every battle, evil only has to win once. Look at what happened in Ascalon City. Dedicated and highly trained fighters held the wall for years. In just one day, it was all over.”

“It’s not a perfect world. We are not perfect people. If we let our guard down for one moment, if we make just one mistake, evil can take advantage of our weakness and then bring us down to there dark level.”

“I know that’s what’s going to happen here. We’re going to lose this fight. Our mission is to hold Wysoki Tower, but this tower will fall. It’s not a question of if. It’s a matter of when. I’ve gone over the possible scenarios a thousand times in my head. Eventually the Charr will realize that we’re slaughtering their troops. Conquering this position will become a top priority for the enemy. When that happens, we’ll be overwhelmed.”

“I don’t intend to stay here when that happens. We’ll try to hold out as we can but then we’re going to flee. This tower has an escape tunnel and the basement is loaded with dwarven powder kegs. This explosive material has a special property. It will only ignite when a certain magical spell has been cast. I’ve memorized this rare spell and I intend to detonate Wysoki Tower when the Charr arrive.”

“Of course, for the maximum effect, I should wait until the last moment. Only when this stronghold is surrounded by Charr will I activate the spell.”

It takes a moment for the full meaning of TANK’s statement to hit your mind. He intends to kill himself. TANK explains his rational. “Yes, suicide, what the Monks call the greatest sin. I suppose that is my plan. You could call it self-sacrifice, but the truth is that my objective is not so noble. I hate the Charr. I hate them so much that I would blow myself up to kill as many of them as possible. The Ascalonian Engineers suggest that I could kill hundreds of Charr. It all depends on how many show up to the party.”

“Don’t try to talk me out of it either. If we don’t deal a major blow to the Charr, Devona and the other refugees will have no chance.”

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