Guild Wars: High Ground

Searing HeatSearing Heat – Devona looks at the Elementalist Tome. This book is heavy and dusty. There’s a symbol of flame on the cover. Clearly this is reading for a Fire Elementalist. Devona opens the book and skims through the pages. Many of the symbols are beyond Devona’s understanding. She’s a Warrior, not versed in the matters of elemental magic, but she has a basic understanding of the tome’s contents. It is a detailed account of how to use the Searing Heat spell.

Devona asks, “Searing Heat?! You want me to give him this skill?”

TANK replies, “Yes, of course. Have him burn a path for you, clear through to Kryta.”

Devona asks, “So that’s it? I just leave you here to die?”

TANK laughs, “You worry about yourself.”

Devona is angry at TANK’s arrogance, but then she realizes the huge sacrifice that he is willing to make. Without someone holding off the Charr, the caravan would have no chance of escape. TANK’s boasting is how he copes with the difficult challenge. In traditional Warrior style, he accepts that death is inevitable. He’d rather face that challenge head on, with bravery and honor.

Devona decides to pardon TANK’s excessive posturing. Instead of arguing, she just gives him a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. No more words are spoken, but their eyes write volumes. TANK cares about Devona, like a younger sister. Devona realizes this and she is thankful. She heads to Yak’s Bend, in order to rendezvous with Photics and the Ascalonian caravan.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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