Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 5: Second Wave – You are too weak to help with the salvaging, But from the tower, you carefully watch the efforts of your allies. Down below, some Ascalonian troops are looting gear from the fallen Charr. Once all the valuables are stripped, the corpses are set ablaze. Two other groups of Ascalonians are gathering timber. One team chops down the trees while the other hauls the wood up to the tower. Magical spells are in use, making the work easier.

Suddenly, the laborers stops. These Ascalonians are startled. They abandon the work-site and they flee to the safety of Wysoki tower. It’s the Charr. The enemy is back and in much greater numbers. The Ascalonians are too tired to fight. Some are even too tired to run. The stragglers are shot down by Charr bowmen.

You alert the tower, sending everyone into action — except for TANK. Where is he? What is he doing?

The Ascalonians run up the hill toward Wysoki Tower. Surprisingly, the Charr do not follow. Instead, they continue on the path towards Devona’s caravan. Why don’t the Charr want to fight? Why don’t they attack Wysoki Tower? With five Charr for every Ascalonian, clearly the enemy has greater numbers.

TANK appears. He says, “Look at them slink past us. They know it would be a slaughter. We have every advantage up here, except for supplies. If the Charr come to fight us now, they won’t have time to chase down the caravan. Those filthy mutants are probably planning to plow through the valley, and then come back for us after the cold Winter months. You should work with the archers. Try to keep the second wave of Charr from crossing through the valley. I’m busy with something else right now.”

TANK’s sudden exit from the middle of a fierce battle leave you bewildered. What could he possibly be working on… is he boiling another pot of coffee or is he making a steak dinner? You have little choice but to fight the Charr without him. You recast your Favorable Winds spell from memory. Your magical spell brings joy to the archers, who easily find their targets. The arrows are plunging deep into the bodies of your foes. The battle appears to be another one-sided victory, but a Charr Elementalist quickly changes the course of the battle. The arrows — they’re bursting into flames. It’s the Charr Elementalist, he’s using fire based magic to ignite the arrow shafts. It causes the arrow heads to fly erratically, completely missing the targets. You’ll have to counter this Elementalist, but how?

  • Tongue Biter – If Concussion Shot hits while target foe is casting a Spell, their Spell is interrupted and your target is Dazed for a short time. This attack deals only minor damage.
  • Winter – All elemental damage is converted to cold damage instead.
  • Blackout – For a short time, all of touched target foe’s skills are disabled, and all of your skills are disabled for seconds.
  • Greater Conflagration – All physical damage is converted to fire damage instead.

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