Guild Wars: High Ground

WinterWinter – There was a famous teacher in Ascalon City named Miss Appletart. Well, that wasn’t her real name, but that was the nickname she earned. Her students gave it to her. In order to divert her frenzied wrath, the students used to bring her apples to appease her fiery tendencies. Miss Appletart was a well educated, but incredibly strict, teacher of academics. One of her favorite subjects was reading comprehension. And if the Charr hadn’t burned the school house down, with her inside, she would be giving you a stern talking to.

See, the spell “Winter” changes “elemental” damage. The arrows are not elemental damage. They create physical damage. Therefore, the spell “Winter” would do nothing to improve your arrows. So… try again!

Wait… you’re still here. What’s your problem? Didn’t you see the words, “Try Again” on your screen? Oh, I see. You must be thinking about the Charr Elementalist. You must be like, “Whoa dude, I’m not trying to help my Archers. I’m trying to stop the Charr Elementalist.” OK, that’s a valid point, but I don’t think that plan would work. I’m thinking that the arrows would get covered in frost, from the converted cold magic of the Charr Elementalist. The arrows wouldn’t fly as well and they’d fall to the ground. Plus, shouldn’t Winter have some sort of snowy effect? Such weather would make it harder for the arrows to fly.

If you’re like, “No way dude, it doesn’t do that. This spell would totally work.”

To which I would respond, “Oh… so you’re writing this book now. OK then, you can decide how this story is supposed to go.”

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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