Revisions Cover ImageEver wonder about changing the past or rewriting history? Find out what happens when humanity is faced with the power to do just that. It’s magic vs. technology in this science fiction book, where your choices help to determine the outcome of the story. Join Philip Otis and Miles “Tank” Mulligan in their daring mission — to save Earth. In this fantasy adventure, will you try to pick the best choice or will you simply read straight through? It’s up to you!

Revisions is approximately 53,000 words long and some of the feedback has been amazing. Here’s what some readers have already said about Revisions… “Most Addicting Book Ever!”, “I am really enjoying the book, even though I usually am not a book reader.” and “Best $5 I ever spent!” I was especially surprised when one reader said that the book was more fun to read than Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. If you know someone that likes science fiction — but they don’t like to read books — maybe this book might change their mind.

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