Circles with Grandma

Circles with Grandma is based on a pen and paper (or pencil and paper) childhood game. It’s more advanced than tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) but it’s still just as easy to play.

This pass-and-play game is meant to be played with 2 to 4 people. (If no friends or family are around, you can play against the computer.)

In this family friendly game, players take turns coloring in circles. The goal is to complete a row or column of circles. The one who completes the row or column gets a points for each circle in the completed row or column.

While there is an option to use colors for the circles, this isn’t Connect Four. The goal is to complete a row or column. It’s not about matching colors. This leads to interesting strategies as the number of available spaces are reduced.

Watch out for combos!

This is a game that my family played in Brooklyn, about four decades ago. The aim of this app is to bring back the togetherness of family. The game is meant to be played in person, while using technology to remove the tedium of drawing a new game or coloring in the circles.

Each turn is as simple as a tap!