Guild Wars: High Ground

Plan – Is the situation truly so dire? There must be a solution to this problem. You consult with TANK for some ideas. He quickly responds, “Sorry friend, I don’t see us winning this one.”

How can that be? How could your previous victories been so decisive, but this battle is so bleak? TANK says, “Our last few encounters with the Charr were small scale, no more than a hundred at best. This… this is insane. I’ve been in many battles, fought many enemies, but I’ve never seen an army more badly outnumbered than this. I suspected that the Charr would return in greater numbers, but this was inconceivable.”

TANK continues, “No matter. This makes my ending even more memorable. I told you what I was prepared to do. Now I must do it. I see no other way. We will fight the good fight, but in the end you must flee. I’ll create the… diversion… while you and the others catch up with Devona.”

TANK is preparing to sacrifice himself for you and the other defenders of Wysoki Tower.

The final battle begins. Continue on to the next chapter!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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