Guild Wars: High Ground

MaelstronMaelstrom – I hate this skill. Not using it, but being hit by it. This seems to be a favorite with the non-playable characters of Guild Wars. Some angry Dwarves will come running up to me. They’ll be hostile towards me, all like… bah… die human… and such nonsense. I’m like, “I’m totally going to stop you Dwarven dudes.” So, like, I’m getting ready to bust out my Meteor Strike spell. Yeah, I’ll flatten some Dwarves. That will boost my self-confidence. “Hey, like whoa, I’m totally like a hero, yo!”

But see, Maelstrom, interrupts spell casting. Some annoying spell caster, hidden behind a tree or something, is messing me up with Maelstrom. I have to stop what I’m doing, move outside the damage area, and then start casting again. That’s most inconvenient, especially when the angry Dwarves are hacking at my kneecaps.

So hey, since this is such a totally powerful spell, it must be the right answer… but it’s not.

Photics is a Fire Elementalist. Maelstrom is a Water Magic spell. You wouldn’t want water to get on your fireworks, they’d get soggy and might fizzle out. The same is true with Photics. He just doesn’t use Water Magic spells. He doesn’t have skill points trained in that area. Think of him like a cat… a tall cat… without fur… that walks on two legs… that shoots fireballs… no wait, that’s a stupid analogy. But hey, cats tend to dislike water. It’s like that with Photics too.

Maelstrom was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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