Guild Wars: High Ground

MendingMending – This is a skill often mocked for the lack of skill required. TANK is a Paladin, a Warrior with some healing ability. This skill does fit the description for the expertise required, but does it fit this situation? No!

Here’s what would of happened if TANK used mending…

Lina screams, “Are you mad? That’s the wrong spell! You’re going to kill the patient!” As the blade plunges through your body, her words are in vain. While Mending might speed up health regeneration, it is not enough to negate the massive damage from the Glacier Blade.

A gusher of blood flows from the large hole in your chest. TANK quickly realizes his mistake. “Whoops, that’s not the skill I meant to use!”

It is too late. Barely clinging on to life before, you are most assuredly dead now. If Lina was quick enough, she might have been able to stop the bleeding, but she was completely out of magical power. Instead, she stands in complete shock. After her brain can process the realization of what just occurred, she yells, “Why TANK… WHY?! I don’t understand why you thought Mending would fix this problem.”

TANK just shrugged his shoulders. “The problem is solved, but that’s not the solution that I was thinking of.”

Mending was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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