Guild Wars: High Ground

WhirlwindWhirlwind – The Shiverpeak Mountains, a place where the air is cold and thin. The harsh gusts of wind will freeze any unprotected skin. While traversing the steep sides of the Shiverpeak mountains, frostbite is a serious concern. Whirlwind would likely cause havoc for the unsuspecting Dwarves. The knockdown effect shouldn’t be underestimated either. Your enemies will find it difficult to attack you, when they’re constantly being thrown on their backs.

Imagine how cumbersome it would be for your adversaries. You’re an angry Dwarf. Your day involves sloshing through the thick snow, with a heavy pack of gear strapped to your back. During your routine patrol, you spot the enemy. Your heart starts racing. You can see that your foe is a beautiful Elementalist woman. The temperature is freezing, but she’s wearing lingerie. Perhaps her magical abilities are shielding her from the cold. No matter, she is an intruder and you think that she must die. You grab your blade. You run in for the attack. Her lips start moving and her hands start waving around. Being a grumpy Dwarven Warrior, this doesn’t make any sense to you. But when a sudden burst of Wind cracks the bones in your body, throwing you on the ground like a wounded turtle, you realize that it’s awful to be on the receiving end of Whirlwind.

Wow, what a miserable day to be a Dwarf. Whirlwind is a strong skill. That must mean that you chose the correct answer, right?!

Wrong! Whirlwind is Air Magic. TANK stated that Photics is a Fire Elementalist. He wouldn’t have the necessary skill points to take full advantage of this spell. You might be thinking, “What a stupid book. How am I supposed to have known that?!” Even if you never played Guild Wars before, not knowing that Whirlwind is Air Magic, there were clues. The description states that Whirlwind does cold damage. Fire is hot.

Whirlwind was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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