Guild Wars: High Ground

Life BondLife Bond – Your first instinct is to protect your friend. TANK has a sharp arrow aimed at his head. You have chosen the Life Bond spell, believing that it can save his life. Of course, there’s the little problem of “redirected” damage. While you have significantly recovered from your previous injuries, you are not in perfect health. That’s only a minor problem. The real issue is that you’re not a master Monk. With your limited healing abilities, only a tiny bit of the damage is mitigated. Keep in mind, the potential damage is from a bolt to the face. 50% of a fatal wound is still going to be messy. Basically, you’ve just put both of your lives in jeopardy.

The crazed archer sees your spell. He is familiar with this magic. It sends the already mentally unstable archer even more over the edge. He shouts, “Life Bond?! You would sacrifice your safety for him? His foolish pride is going to get us all killed. If you want to die with him, then so be it.”

The archer releases the arrow. It flies straight through TANK’s skull. But don’t worry, it was only 50% percent damage. So, it was only like half an arrow going through TANK’s head. For you, good news, it was slightly less than 50% damage. You’re both dead. Before the crazed archer can reload, the other Ascalonian Archers pummel him to the ground.

Lina resurrects TANK and then she resurrects you. It will take about four hours before the ringing in your ears stops. You also might experience a slight headache, dry mouth, sinus pain, fever and blurry vision. Those are some severe side effects, but resurrection sickness is a better alternative to death. It’s also a better fate than that of the crazed archer. He was hung for treason, and he will not be resurrected.

Life Bond was not the best choice. You can try again or continue on to the next chapter.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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