Guild Wars: High Ground

Lava FontLava Font – You scream, “Eat hot typeface you uneducated brutes.” Comic Sans, Times New Roman, Franklin Gothic Heavy, Wingdings and Webdings are at your command. All the letters of the alphabet are glowing with a burning rage. You hurl them at your foes. The letter “J” catches one Charr in the eye, a letter “Q” trips up a Charr Axe Warrior and a number “2” has crushed three Charr. Serif and San-Serif characters do unspeakably awful things to your enemies.

Wait… wait.. wait… that’s not right. Lava Font is not a violent display of computer based typefaces. No, Lava Font is an area-of-effect spell. You had the right idea by attacking multiple Charr, but this spell has no stopping power. The Charr would just run right through it. The action would sound something like, “Grrr, roar, grumble, ouch, hot, hot, ouch, grumble, roar, grrr!”

Lava Font was not the correct choice. Try Again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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