Guild Wars: High Ground

Reversal of FortuneReversal of Fortune – TANK lets out a battle cry while he thrusts the blade towards your heart. Lina gasps as she watches four feet of cold metal plunge straight through your chest. The sharpened blade passes through you and the bed beneath you. What happens next defies logic. You were dealt a blow that would kill any mortal being. Instead, there is no blood. As TANK removes the blade, there’s not even a sign of a wound. The magical energy that surrounds you is protecting you from harm. Instead of taking damage, you are healed.

With a twitch, your body acts involuntarily. Your mouth opens for a fresh gulp of air, and then you cough uncontrollably. Welcome back! You are returned to the lands of Tyria.

Lina stands in astonishment. Her thoughts are torn between relief and disgust. She has trained for her entire life in the delicate arts of healing. From the very beginning she was taught to respect life. More importantly, she was taught to respect magic. She had never seen anyone use a spell in such crude fashion. Reversal of Fortune is a spell to turn an attack into a health boost, but Lina never saw it used to defend against an attack from an ally. As Lina stares in disbelief, TANK puts away his weapon. All the while, he sports an arrogant look upon his face. This enrages Lina. She repeatedly throws her fists against TANK’s right shoulder. Even if TANK wasn’t wearing full armor, these blows would have little to no damaging effect. Lina scolds, “How could you be so reckless? How could you be so inconsiderate… so… so… so disrespectful?! That is not how you treat the wounded. But most of all… MOST OF ALL… how did you know that your brutish stunt would even work?”

TANK turns towards the exit. As he opens the door, a loud creak echoes throughout the room. A gust of cold air rushes inside, sending TANK’s black guild cape into a flutter. TANK pauses for a moment. He stands in the doorway, surveying the highlands of Ascalon. With his back to Lina, TANK utters two parting words… “I didn’t.”

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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