Guild Wars: High Ground

Cyclone AxeCyclone Axe – An axe is a useful tool and a mighty weapon. It could be used to cut down trees or hack off limbs. In a survivalist situation, a sturdy stick attached to a sharpened blade might be all you need to succeed. First off, you’ll require a shelter. Without protection from the elements, it could be tough to survive the night. An axe can made quick work out of chopping down timber. With a fresh stack of logs, one could fashion a makeshift home.

Yet, no home is complete without proper climate control. Use the wood scrap to make a fire. The axe can help with the gathering of kindling. Once you have a nice fire going, you’ll probably want to cook something. Lob your axe at a wandering boar or deer and then move towards the kill site to collect your meal. Don’t forget to retrieve your axe. It’s reusable. The axe can help with the gutting and cleaning of your dinner. Remove that fur and skin. Only pure meat should be eaten by the axeman.

With a full belly, you might be feeling tired. Keep that axe at your bedside. In the night, the wilderness can be filled with trouble. Perhaps it is a hungry creature or wandering thief. Don’t let them hurt you. When the moment of self-defense arrives, grip your axe firmly. Let out a loud roar as you protect yourself. The mere display of an axe can create an aura of intimidation. Your victory could be achieved without bloodshed.

In the fourth paragraph of our axe adventure, you might be wondering what this has to do with TANK and Lina’s story. Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the story. You picked the wrong choice. I didn’t want you to feel bad, so I figured that some macho drivel about Axes might make you feel better. What do I know about axes? I’m from the city. I’m lucky to have a sharp pair of scissors in my house. If I need to chop something, I’ll go down to the mall and pick up a power tool. Wilderness survival… bah… you might not want such advice from me. My idea of roughing it is forgetting to take my mobile phone with me when I leave for work in the morning.

Here’s what Lina would have said if you picked Cyclone Axe, “No… that’s not it. While Cyclone Axe would attack multiple enemies at once, it is not a Swordsmanship skill. TANK must have been using something else.”

Cyclone Axe was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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