Guild Wars: High Ground

Chapter 6: Anticipation – You awake to see the sun rise another day. Your strength has almost returned to your previously normal levels. Will that amount of power be enough? With constant harassment from the Charr, your allies are getting weaker.

You wouldn’t know that by looking at TANK. He’s calm and focused. He just watches the horizon, constantly looking towards the East. The Charr will be back, and in greater numbers.TANK has taken a break from his secret project. It’s not clear what he’s been working on, but it was loud. Halfway through the night, the sound of constant banging echoed through the halls of Wysoki Tower. No one dared tell TANK to be silent. His troops know that TANK is fond of three things – good food, the company of a fine woman and a solid night’s sleep. TANK worked without distraction from all three of these pleasures. Whatever TANK is planning, it must be important.

Meanwhile, the toll of war is eating away at the defenders of Wysoki Tower. Visions from the carnage below are starting to consume their thoughts. What if — those two troubling words — what if it was you down there? What if it was your carcass rotting on the ground? What if you were nothing more than a festering pile of meat, home for flies and decay?

You can see it on the faces of the younger archers. They realize the inevitable outcome. They’re going to die. Perhaps it was the shortened night of sleep, perhaps it’s battle fatigue, but the morale of the troops is not well. One of the Ascalonians breaks the silence. He screams, “They’re going to keep coming, and coming, and coming. Let’s just flee. Let’s just get out of here.”

TANK’s face sports a giant frown. He’s disappointed in the lack of metal exhibited by the rookie archer. TANK walks over to the archer. He cannot allow a break in the ranks. He must do something. The rookie begins to panic as TANK approaches. The rookie yells, “Stay away from me!” The archer readies his bow, aiming it directly at TANK’s face.

TANK responds, “This isn’t making things better.”

The archer shouts, “I don’t care! I want out. I want out! Open the gates!”

TANK is not in a good position to resolve this problem, but perhaps you are. There are some magical scrolls next to you. What do you want to do?

  • Life Bond – While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever target other ally takes damage from an attack, half the damage is redirected to you. The damage you receive this way is reduced a little bit.
  • Amity – For a short time, adjacent foes cannot attack. For each foe, Amity ends if that foe takes damage.
  • Protective Spirit – For a short time, target ally cannot lose more than 10% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell.
  • Do Nothing – Let the archer go.

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