Guild Wars: High Ground

Run – These fools and their glory mean nothing to you. Your memory only goes back a few weeks. Your mind has no recollection of life before that. Your unique situation fills you with a terrible sensation. It as if you haven’t lived. You fear that if you die now, you will vanish from existence. With little experiences to call your own, would your spirit survive in the afterlife or would you dissolve into nothingness? Gripped by the uncertainty of death, you are not prepared to die. Feelings of panic and fear overwhelm your thoughts. Sweat begins to drip from your body. Your shirt is drenched. Escape… escape… you must escape!

You remember your conversation with TANK. Wysoki Tower has an escape tunnel. You believe that you must find it in order to live. In the confusion of the approaching battle, you sneak away. After careful searching, you discover a spiral staircase to the basement. You follow it down. Crouching down, to protect your head from the low ceilings, you look for a passageway. Behind dozens and dozens of dwarven powder kegs, you find what you’re looking for. There it is, your door to freedom. You release the latch and you prepare to open the door. Oh no, it’s rusted shut. You push on it with all of your might. The sound of scraping metal echoes throughout the room. A tunnel is revealed. Your path is clear. Carefully you walk through. After 15 minutes of crawling, you make it to the end of the tube. A metal grate blocks your path. There is enough space for you to put your feet in front of you. With two swift kicks, the obstruction is cleared. You pull yourself out of the tunnel and you stand up. You find yourself well out of range from the Charr forces. You are free.

You successfully ran away. Good job… but what about the Hydras standing next to you? In your haste, you forgot something very important. You didn’t bring any weapons. You try casting your spells, but you are exhausted from crawling through the tunnel. Even if you could cast, there are way too many enemies to fight alone.

This was not the correct choice. Try Again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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