Guild Wars: High Ground

Concussion ShotConcussion Shot – Nothing quite silences a magic caster like an arrow through the mouth. However, this spell has a prerequisite. You must be a Ranger. You don’t even have a bow, so you’re disqualified. But fortunately, you are surrounded by archers. One of them might be able to make use of the Concussion Shot scroll.

You run up to the closest archer that you can find. Fortunately, he is a fellow that is more than eager to help. He was previously stationed at Ascalon City. Having watched the city fall to the Charr, he has been itching for some vengeance. He takes the scroll. While reading it, he constantly nods his head. He understands this technique. When the final word has been read into his mind, the scroll disintegrates. Magical Energy is released and it engulfs the Archer with power.

He readies his shot. He pulls back on the bow string. His aim is true. The shot is released and the arrow flies towards the Charr Shaman. The projectile is spotted and incinerated instantly. Concussion Shot will not work here. While the skill has the power to silenced the Charr Shaman, the arrow has to hit its mark first.

Concussion Shot was not the correct choice. Try again!

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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