Guild Wars: High Ground

FrenzyFrenzy – This is one of the first skills that Ascalonian Warriors learn to use. Perhaps you have to be a little crazy to be a fighter. A Warrior has to be willing to take damage while giving it out. Frenzy is the epitome of fighting as a Warrior. While being able to attack faster, Frenzy sacrifices defense. For a metal clad barbarian, that might not be such a horrible trade-off. Warriors often have armor to spare.

Surrounded by Charr, TANK is willing to put himself at risk. He’s also outnumbered, so it is important to quickly dispatch the enemy. If facing two enemies, the double damage penalty would make it like fighting four foes. In Lina’s story, TANK would have been fighting six enemies. That math is not good. Yet, there is a trick to this skill. If you can do more damage than your enemies, then this could be a good skill to use. The idea is to slay the enemy before they can finish you. If they’re dead, then the double damage penalty probably doesn’t matter. If you’re still alive, you can always tend to your wounds after the fight.

While it is debatable if Frenzy is the right skill to use in this combat situation, it is certain that Frenzy was not the right choice. Lina may not remember a certain detail, but there were enough clues for you to figure out the right choice. Frenzy allows Warriors to attack faster, but not multiple targets at once.

Lina says, “Frenzy… I don’t know… I don’t think that was the skill. TANK may have been fighting wildly, but I think that’s just his nature.”

Frenzy was not the correct choice. Try again!

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