Guild Wars: High Ground

MendingProtective Bond – TANK is plunging towards his death. You only have time to cast one spell. Otherwise, TANK will be out of range. He will also be dead. With precious seconds fleeting, you summon your magical spell. You cast Protective Bond. Moments later, he hits the ground. You can feel the impact as it drains you of energy. TANK is slightly wounded, but he’s able to stand. He shouts, “NO… NO… what have you done!”

The Charr are here for you. Instantly, they rip you to pieces. Your death is violent and painful, but only for a brief moment.

TANK is angry. He knows that he cannot get to you. He knows that your corpse cannot be revived. He has but one choice, the magic spell. He must detonate Wysoki Tower, with thousands of Charr in range of the blast. TANK begins chanting. The magical energy swirls about. The winds pick up and the clouds darken. A massive bolt of lightning rips through the sky, crashing through the walls of Wysoki Tower. The bolt ignites a trail of powder, which burns along the ground. The flame reaches the Dwarven Power Kegs, creating a massive explosion.

– BOOM! –

TANK runs with all of his might. A wall of flame erupts behind him. A black cloud of smoke climbs a mile high. TANK moves as fast as he can, evading falling rocks, falling debris and even falling Charr. When he is safely out-of-range, TANK turns around to survey the damage. The results are astonishing. Over 9000 Charr were killed. What few that remain are running in retreat.

Lina, along with some Ascalonian Archers, rendezvous with TANK. Lina gives TANK a big hug. But suddenly, she stops. She’s wondering about you. She asks, “Were you the only one that made it?”

TANK says, “Weeks ago, I saved our friend’s life. Today, the favor was returned. That should make us even… but it doesn’t feel that way to me.”

TANK wanders off towards the West. A man hardened by war has finally seen enough. He travels west with the survivors from Wysoki Tower. Together they aim to find Devona and perhaps peace from war.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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