Guild Wars: High Ground

Greater ConflagrationGreater Conflagration – Your spell works perfectly. The magic of Greater Conflagration converts the arrows into balls of fire. The Charr Elementalist can no longer negate the path of the projectiles. Compact balls of fire strike down your enemies, burning fur and flesh. The roars of agony, they can be heard from the top of Wysoki Tower.

The Ascalonian archers continue their onslaught. The Charr begin to break their formations and they flee in retreat. Many do not escape. Three out of every four Charr die. Some perish through puncture wounds, but most die by fire. These horrible creatures, known and feared for their mastery of flame, now succumb to the blazing energy.

The fate of the Charr Elementalist is particularly gruesome. He could not easily accept that you countered his counter attack. Futilely, he tries to stop the flaming arrows, but fire magic is all he knows. While desperately chanting spells beyond his capability, a flaming arrow strikes his neck. There is no screaming, just silent and violent twitching. He doesn’t die quickly. With shock, you look at your fellow countrymen. Are they witnessing this too? Yes, they are. While there is no love for the Charr, three Ascalonian archers are trying to deliver a killing blow. The distance is too great. They miss.

The Archers reload… aim… but then their shots are stopped. TANK appears and yells, “Leave him! They would not show you similar mercy.” TANK walks out to the ramparts, and then he watches the remaining Charr flee. TANK says, “Save your arrows. You’re going to need them.”

TANK seems highly concerned about the limited supplies. Without arrows, without food, the tower could be overrun. While the Greater Conflagration spell worked, it also means that the arrows cannot be salvaged. As you watch the Charr Elementalist die slowly, you wonder if you will meet a similar fate.

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  1. This is a fan-fiction book! :)

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